There’s a reason why Bernie Sanders’ brand of populism is consistently drawing by far the biggest crowds of the 2016 election: it’s because he’s tapped into a very real source of frustration and anxiety among the working people of America: income inequality.

And there’s a reason why nobody takes Hillary Clinton seriously when she talks about it, no matter how many times she says that “the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top.” It’s because she represents everything about the political and economic establishment: she belongs to a political dynasty, as well as to one of the highest tax brackets in the country.

It’s enough to get you thinking: just how well off are these political candidates? Do they really belong to the nation’s elite, or is it all a matter of appearances?

Thankfully, Personal Capital has taken a lot of the guesswork out of finding answers to those questions. The infographic below reveals not just the wide discrepancy between Donald Trump’s boasts about his net worth ($10 billion) and his real net worth (just over $4 billion), but also reveals one of the most important hidden truths of the 2016 election: Bernie Sanders—easily the most exciting insurgent candidate, also has the lowest net worth of any of presidential aspirant. This tells us that his appeal among the nation’s working class is no fluke; people want to hear from a self-made man (or woman) who has lived in Middle America, and who has their best interests at heart.

I’ll let you decide for yourself next year whether Bernie is that man (you can read all about Bernie and the issues here), but for now, enjoy this glimpse into the world of political wealth; some of what you’ll find may surprise you.

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Holly Whitman

Holly Whitman is the author behind Only Slightly Biased, a freelance journalist and striving to be one of the best women political writers on the web. Her work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Politicus, Bust and Feministing. You can find her on Twitter at @hollykwhitman.

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