Eric Trump has recently made headlines for less-than-flattering reasons (are we surprised?). In this particular case, he said that Democrats are, in his opinion, “not even people.” He also said Democrats come after the family “viciously” and that “we deserve so much better as a country.” His sister has also jumped on the bandwagon, saying she didn’t expect this level of viciousness from the public.

Is there a chance that none of Trump’s family actually saw his campaign rallies? Did they forget the chants of “lock her up,” his admittance of sexual assault, his blatant racism and oh yeah, making fun of Serge Kovaleski, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, because he’s disabled?

Clearly, Democrats aren’t the only ones slinging around offensive rhetoric. Both sides have gotten down and dirty, and Eric Trump is not one of the better ones. This is not only because he’s actually done some pretty horrible things, but because he has power. His attitudes and words have the ability to affect people on a wide scale, not just make empty threats on the internet. No, Eric isn’t better than that. In fact, he’s much worse.

  1. Attacked Former President Clinton During HRC’s Campaign

Because nothing says “I respect women” like attacking their husbands. Apparently, the idea here is that if a woman’s husband has done something bad, the woman is just as responsible as the man who actually did it. Instead, like many of the attacks Clinton endured during her campaign, this one focused on her husband. He called Bill Clinton the “worst sexist that ever lived.”

Bill Clinton was wrong, but his indiscretions occurred in a consensual relationship. Apparently consent is what’s wrong, as opposed to grabbing women “by the pussy.” Eric Trump didn’t say that, of course, but he argued for it. He defended his father’s statements of insulting women, rape and assault charges, and made actual quotes regarding sexual assault.

  1. Stole Money From Sick Kids

This is one of those things that should have made headlines and been the top story for weeks on end. Unfortunately, we’re so numb to everything that happens now that people barely flinched. Eric Trump has had a charity to work with pediatric cancer patients since he was 21, named The Eric Trump Foundation. Every year, it held a charity golf tournament where donors came, paid and golfed. The tournaments were almost always held on Trump-owned golf courses.

However, in documents released by Forbes, it would appear that some $500,000 never made it to help any kids. Instead, it got funneled into other family owned charities and businesses. In fact, Donald Trump donated a significant amount of money from his charity to Eric’s with the intent of offsetting costs for the fundraising campaign. Then the charity golf event had to pay to use the Trump-owned golf courses.

This effectively allowed Donald to use his charity to donate to a charity for a tax deduction, which is basically getting paid for donations. Then he turned around and charged for the use of his land, which was paid for by donations. In effect, he used his family’s charities to launder money.

  1. Torture Isn’t that Bad

Who could forget when Eric Trump compared waterboarding to college hazing? Of course, hazing isn’t something that should be done in the first place, and kids have occasionally died or been hospitalized because of it. It’s not classified as torture, though. Waterboarding, to any sane person, isn’t the same as hazing. It’s called torture because it is torture, and not the harmless but embarrassing “tickle you until you pee” kind.

Waterboarding is making people feel like they’re drowning over and over again. It’s designed to make you think you’re dying. Of course, the end goal is to obtain information of some kind. This is pretty obviously not on the same level as covering your hair in petroleum jelly or chugging vinegar.

  1. Spreading Fake News

Donald Trump loved campaigning. He has stated that switching from a businessman to actual president was harder than he expected, and has already started holding campaign rallies for his electoral bid in 2020. When he first announced his intention to run in June 2015, he was one of many candidates and had some popularity. That fell pretty quickly as he became the GOP candidate and campaigned against Clinton.

Clinton attacked him again and again for sexism and racism. Because he maintained support, she eventually referred to his base as largely white supremacists and called them “a basket of deplorables.” Trying to fight that, Eric Trump either got confused or outright lied by tweeting a fake photo of a rally in Florida that was supposedly packed to the brim. In reality, it wasn’t packed and the photo was from Texas some months earlier.

To Eric Trump, Democrats might be subhuman for saying and writing mean things. I wonder how he feels about himself.

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