The world has been a-twitter with Donald Trump’s latest social media disaster: the newly infamous “covfefe.”

If you’re unfamiliar with this story, here’s some background on it…

Just after midnight on May 31st, Donald Trump took to Twitter with some more truly inspired content, as we all know he tends to do. However, this tweet was a little odder than his usual banter (it’s okay — I didn’t think he could get any weirder either). The POTUS’s tweet simply read:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Um… What?

Yeah, we don’t know. No one really knows, but it’s sparked national, even worldwide, online debate as to what the true meaning of “covfefe” might be. The Donald has since taken the tweet down and replaced it with another one — a call-to-action encouraging readers to figure out the “true meaning of ‘covfefe.’” Real nice recovery there, King Baby.

Regardless, I decided to actually humor POTUS’s advice for once (shocking, I know) and take to the interwebs to find some possible meanings for “covfefe.”

Real Existing Meanings

Okay, so one journalist actually took the time to compile a list of some real words in the Samoan language that this… um, word… resembles. To summarize, here are a few that I found most interesting:

Ko fefe:” pregnant, but in fear of it.

… Possibly relevant, considering that women in America are looking at one of the worst healthcare plans ever designed for them under the Trump administration. Maybe The Donald really was onto something.

Ko fale:” pregnant from one’s own relative.

Oh, I could make a lot of jokes here, but I’m not going to cross that line.

Ko kefe” or “Kou Kefe:” Pregnant asshole; or you assholes, respectively.

By now, you probably know how I feel about Donald Trump. Do I even need to explain why these two are funny?

“Covfefe,” as Defined by the Wonderful World of Reddit

Ah, Reddit. Always a great place to find political inspiration, be it positive, negative or downright ridiculous. Many of the possible definitions of “covfefe” that can be found on Reddit are almost certainly the latter.

Some are downright savage…

“Covfefe: When you make a mistake, but play it off like you knew what you were doing, otherwise known as the entire Trump presidency.”seabassseabreeze

“Covfefe: noun or adjective. An inadvertent malapropism or other error relating to an idea, object or act subject to implausible ex post facto explanations or justifications, typically indicating the incompetence and/or evasive nature of its originator.”bakemeawaytoys

While others try to speculate on the true nature of what The Donald might have been doing…

“Coffee that’s too hot and you burn your tongue.”Senator_Chickpea

“It’s when you try to type ‘coverage,’ but your hands are too small to reach all the letters on the keyboard.”

Thank you for that, “dank420memes1337.”

“Covfefe: the act of coughing and sneezing at the same time.”RallyZona

Or, when the President is “allowed to stay up late and drunk tweet at midnight.”Ridry

And, as expected, some of them are just plain weird:

“The uncomfortable mouth noises an elderly person makes when eating.” –ConsolationPrzFightr

“Covfefe,” as I Would Define It

You can take your pick as to which version of “covfefe” seems the most fitting. The Internet certainly has plenty of enlightened ideas to help you out.

In reality, “dank420memes1337″ was probably actually correct in suggesting that The Donald most likely meant to write “coverage.” It appears he was once again feeling the need to debunk some “fake news” about him.

If you’d like to hear my take on it, I think what “covfefe” really shows us, once again, is that we have a truly irresponsible leader in the Oval Office. Our nation is being led by a man who spends far too much time on social media whining about his negative press coverage, and furthermore, can’t even be bothered to edit or double-check his public statements when he makes them. Because, in reality, when you’re the President of the United States, that’s what your tweets are — public statements that the whole world can and will see.

This tweet was apparently up for a good couple of hours. How can we trust a man who can’t even use social media professionally to be in charge of our nuclear weapons?

I’m sure we’ll see how “covfefe,” and Trump’s general incompetence as a President, plays out in due time. For the time being, I think it’s pertinent that we address the short-term take-away from the whole “covfefe” ordeal: someone else in that administration should probably take over King Baby’s Twitter account.

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