Hello, lovely readers — Kate here!

I’d like to (excitedly) announce that the content published on Only Slightly Biased in the coming months will be displaying a shift in focus.

Anyone who reads my work probably knows by now that I lean liberally. However, I’ve been feeling particularly fed up with the two-party system lately, especially in the wake of the recent election. I’d like to start using my blog to provide a voice for people who want to come together in approaching years to re-work a system that keeps us divided.

Only Slightly Biased‘s primary focus has been cultural and social issues for most of its life. While I still plan on devoting some time out of each month to writing about those things, I believe the 2016 election has provided an important opportunity for us to start evaluating how we can reform our policies and election process to work better for all of us — left and right. I want to be at the forefront of that conversation, and as such, Only Slightly Biased will be taking a shift toward primarily discussing actionable policy changes to prevent hyper-partisanship and unfair election processes in future elections.

I want to contribute to the centrist, forward-thinking political voice of the future, and as a millennial, I believe I can offer a unique platform to do that on the blog. I know that we can come together and find a way to fix our broken system.

While I respect all political voices (besides those of prejudice and hatred), I will always consider myself to be feminist and liberal-leaning, so Only Slightly Biased will likely reflect that… well… slight bias. 😉

A big ‘thank you,’ as always, to my loyal readers. I hope you will stick around to see if you like the new vibe!

And to any new readers — welcome aboard!

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Hi, I'm Kate Harveston. I'm originally from Williamsport, PA. After pursuing my degree in Professional Writing, it seemed only natural to get out there and start blogging! I am currently pursuing a career as a journalist and freelance writer, covering everything from human rights and gender equality, to US government and international politics. My life goal is to be one of the best female political writers online, while having some fun along the way (because politics can be fun!).

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One thought on “Special Announcement: We’re Rolling out Some Changes!”

  1. When did a common man’s vote, ever decide the outcome of a U.S. general election or referendum?

    Just a futile drop in the ocean. I assert that democracy provides no greater benefit to the individual electorate than dictatorship.

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