Did you know Women’s History Month is halfway over already? What have you done to celebrate thus far? If you’re answer is, “Um, well, nothing,” not to worry! You still have time to celebrate the strength, intelligence and courage of all the women in your life and around the globe 🙂


Tune Into Feminist Artists

What feels better than belting out, “I am woman; hear me roar?” One amazing way to celebrate Women’s History Month is to tune in to your favorite fabulous female music artists. Get in the mood with some sultry Fiona Apple, or rage against the patriarchy with Lauryn Hill or Tori Amos. Even just assuaging the pain of a broken heart by giving your vocal cords a good workout with some Adele celebrates the divine feminine spirit in all of us.


Have a Feminist Netflix or Hulu Binge-a-Thon Night

Another easy and fun way to celebrate Women’s History Month is to have a good, old-fashioned Netflix or Hulu binge-a-hon featuring feminist movies and television series. Nestling in for a long night of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu comes immediately to mind.

Dreaming of the day we have a female president? Tune in to Netflix’s House of Cards featuring Robin Wright as a powerful female Commander-In-Chief. No subscription? Both PBS and The History Channel are celebrating women’s history all month long, so tune in and learn about the trials and travails women have experienced to obtain the rights we have today.


Dig Into Some Woman-Written Lit

From Mary Wollstencraft Shelly to Toni Morrison to Malala Youfaszai, a fantastic way to celebrate Women’s History Month is by digging into some feminist literature. Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, horror or romance, prose or poetry, tons of women-written tomes abound that are sure to delight your literary core as well as inspire you to take action.

Into reading, but prefer commentary on current events? Why not check out some top feminist bloggers and feminist sites? Topics range anywhere from access to healthcare to election and campaign finance reform to human interest topics such as parenting in a changing world.


Get Involved in Your Community

Why not celebrate Women’s History Month by making the world a better place? There are tons of ways to get involved in your community. If you’re politically minded, pay attention to political marches in your area, or pay a visit to your party’s local headquarters. Chances are, they’re seeking volunteers.

If you’re more of the tree-hugging persuasion, why not join a local highway cleanup crew or city beautification team? Into encouraging young women to take up the feminist cause? Volunteer as a teen mentor or as part of an after-school program for youth.


Get Registered to Vote

Are you 100% sure you are registered to vote where you live? Don’t make the mistake many made in 2016 and wait too long to register, forcing you to vote via provisional ballot (which are often not counted except in cases of a very tight race). Head on over to the National DMV site, click on your state, and follow the instructions to get registered. Your vote is your voice – use it!


Donate Menstrual Products to Women’s Prisons and Shelters

Recently, the State of Arizona reversed a sanitary napkin policy that limited inmates to only 12 sanitary pads per month, then punished inmates for staining their uniforms if that supply was inadequate. Given the backlash, the Arizona Department of Corrections has changed their policy and even added tampons as a free product available in the prison commissary. Still, as private prisons abound, not all prisoners are covered, meaning a donation of sanitary products to your local prison would be a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month.

In addition to prisons, sanitary products are among the products most in demand by homeless shelters. Making a donation of napkins and pads to an organization dedicated to helping the homeless is a splendid way to help out, as is making “goodie bags” for homeless females that can contain socks, a comb, snacks and sanitary products to hand out.

Remember, even when Women’s History Month draws to a close, we need to maintain the focus on women’s rights issues today, especially as they are constantly being attacked by the current administration. Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, not just in March, but all year round. Together, we can make the world a better place for women. And a world that is a better place for women is a better place for everyone!

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Hi, I'm Kate Harveston. I'm originally from Williamsport, PA. After pursuing my degree in Professional Writing, it seemed only natural to get out there and start blogging! I am currently pursuing a career as a journalist and freelance writer, covering everything from human rights and gender equality, to US government and international politics. My life goal is to be one of the best female political writers online, while having some fun along the way (because politics can be fun!).

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