Are there any politicians who are good people?

Are there any politicians who are good people?

But every now and again, you come across a bright gem in the rough—a politician who isn't completely dreadful. They appear and, somehow, do some good for the country, and everyone adores them. They can do no wrong.

Good people have tried their best to help their countries, but they've mostly failed. The only thing that keeps these good people going is that somewhere out there is someone better at doing bad things than they are. That's why there are still dictatorships in Europe! And wars everywhere else!

Politicians are usually greedy people who want power over others. To get this power, they'll say or do anything. Sometimes they betray friends, lie, cheat, torture people. Some of them even kill families of their enemies if that makes them more powerful.

All politicians are not equal. Some are just plain bad while others seem like good people at first glance. It's difficult to tell the difference between them until after they're elected when all they care about is staying in power.

The most effective politicians are those who can convince the public of their merits. They need to show that they can improve life in their countries and make sure they don't do any evil during their time in office.

Are there any good politicians in the world?

When most people think of politicians, the word "good" does not come to mind. Sure, they're unscrupulous, self-serving, and inept—but are they good? In what sense?

The short answer is that yes, there are good politicians in the world. But they are in the minority.

There are two types of good politicians: those who serve their countries well and those who do not. The first group includes people such as George Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, and Roosevelt; these are the only ones that need be mentioned. The second group consists of many more people than there are spaces here to list them all. This category of politician is guilty of great sins against their own countries and the world at large. They include dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin; terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden and Kim Jong-il; and corrupt officials such as Clinton, Bush, and Blair. There are also many ordinary people who become politicians, but they too will often abuse their power if given the chance.

It is important to understand that most politicians are not good; they just want to do what's right for themselves and their families.

What makes a good politician in a democracy?

A decent and responsible politician will value morals and be law-abiding, with no proclivity for corruption. The biggest strength of excellent politicians is that they like serving people rather than collecting money from tax payers. They understand that serving others creates a full and meaningful existence. A good politician is also knowledgeable about local issues and problems of her or his constituency.

An effective politician is one who is able to connect with the people. She or he should not be afraid to show some emotion when speaking to the public. An emotional connection with the voters creates trust and support among them which can be turned into votes at any time. A good politician should be accessible and responsive to their constituents' needs/complaints.

A democratic politician respects the will of the people and works towards representing their interests faithfully. He or she should be open to change and keep an eye on developing trends in order to provide better service to their electorate.

That's it! Being a good politician means knowing how to serve your community by improving the living standards of its inhabitants and doing what's right even when no one is watching. There are as many ways to serve your country as there are people willing to do so. You just have to find out what motivates you and use this as a guide for becoming an effective politician.

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