writing on paper

If you’re interested in getting published on Only Slightly Biased, I’d be happy to consider your work. Please send 3-5 writing samples along with a couple of topic suggestions.

Before you click over to my contact page, please remember these guidelines:

  • Length: Your article should be at least 600 words. 800+ is even better.
  • Monetization: If you include affiliate links, your article will not be published.
  • Audience: I write for political progressives. Having said that, I’m always happy to consider articles from the Political Right as long as your article is well-researched and coherent.

Other considerations:

  • If Copyscape indicates that your article has already been published elsewhere, I will reject it.
  • If your article exists solely for SEO purposes, don’t bother submitting it. However: if your client has something relevant and interesting to say, we can talk about it.
  • I reserve the right to edit, change, or remove anything about your blog post. I will not alter the central message of your article, but I will make sure it meets my quality standards.
  • Please make sure that your submission tackles a topic in the realm of politics, social and cultural issues, technology policy, or national and world news. It should also be more than just a recap of recent news; you should have something unique to say about it.
  • One final note: This is not a paid position, unfortunately. I extend this offer to writers who want to practice their craft and get their name out there.

Got all that? Great! Shoot me an email and we can get started.