Can you be a dual citizen of the US and Pakistan?

Can you be a dual citizen of the US and Pakistan?

Pakistan's government has dual nationality treaties with the following 19 countries: the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, the United States of America, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Therefore, people can apply for a Pakistani passport if they have another country's citizenship as well.

In addition, since 2007, citizens of Pakistan who were born in another country can apply for Pakistani citizenship if one of their parents is a national of Pakistan. This right was granted by President Musharraf in response to demands from citizens who had met with success in the foreign service industry. Previously, this category of persons could only obtain temporary residence permits.

People cannot possess more than one passport at a time, but there are exceptions for diplomats and visa holders. If someone is found to be in possession of more than one passport, then all other documents associated with those passports may be confiscated by authorities.

As long as you do not commit any crimes while being a dual citizen, then you should not have any problems with the law. However, if you are arrested on suspicion of a crime, then it will be up to the arresting officers to decide what role your dual citizenship might play in the case.

The following sections describe some situations that might arise due to your dual citizenship.

Are there any other countries with dual nationality in Pakistan?

This is due to Pakistan's government entering into dual nationality agreements with the following 19 countries: Dual nationality is not permitted in other nations. Currently, no CBI (citizenship by investment) country has dual nationality agreements with Pakistan. However, some countries have expressed interest in establishing such agreements.

In addition, Pakistani citizens can hold foreign passports. But they must give up their Pakistani citizenship to be eligible to apply for a foreign passport.

As of January 2017, there are more than 7 million people in Pakistan who are registered as either first- or second-generation immigrants from another country. Approximately 2 million of these individuals were born in another country; the rest entered Pakistan at an unknown date.

The largest groups of immigrants in Pakistan come from India and Bangladesh. However, many other countries including Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen also have large immigrant populations in Pakistan.

In order to become a citizen of another country, a person must fulfill several requirements, such as having a valid passport and money for a $50,000 application fee. Also, some countries may require a period of residence in that country before a person is allowed to apply for a passport in addition to other documents such as proof of knowledge of the language spoken in that country.

Can a dual citizen of Pakistan run for public office?

Dual nationals in Pakistan are not permitted to vie for public office, sit in parliament, vote in elections, or join the Pakistani military. The Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed eleven MPs, including Interior Minister Rehman Malik, on September 20, 2012, for failing to reveal their dual nationality upon assuming office. The court's decision was based on a clause in the Constitution that prohibits individuals from holding offices of profit if they have foreign citizenship.

In addition to losing his seat in parliament, Malik was ordered by the court to leave the country within 30 days of its ruling. If he refuses to do so, then he will be declared in contempt of court and jailed until he complies.

There are several cases pending before the courts involving other members of the government who may also be found in violation of the constitution for holding dual nationality. These officials include the Governors of Punjab and K-P provinces, as well as the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The ban on dual nationals holding public office is designed to prevent any possible conflict of interest if they were to act against each other's interests. In addition, since they can't represent two countries at once, they're not able to use their position to influence the choice of a country's government or policies toward others.

However, not all politicians in Pakistan follow the law when it comes to declaring their foreign citizenship.

Can a Pakistani national live in another country?

No, you cannot as a Pakistani national residing in Pakistan. You should be residing in another nation since you are unable to return home due to a violent riot or persecution. You should be able to demonstrate it. Everyone is aware that there is no such issue in Pakistan. In addition, you must be a refugee according to UNHCR guidelines. If this is not the case, then you should consult a lawyer who specializes in immigration law.

Can an Indian national live in another country?

Yes, you can as an Indian national. However, there is no guarantee that you can stay there permanently. Everyone is aware that there is no such issue in India.

Can a Bangladeshi national live in another country?

Yes, you can as a Bangladeshi national. Everyone is aware that there is no such issue in Bangladesh.

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