Did Shri Krishna have 6,000 wives?

Did Shri Krishna have 6,000 wives?

Aside from the eight primary queens (Ashtabharya), the Hindu deity Krishna, an incarnation of the god Vishnu and the ruler of Dwarka, is said to have a plethora of unidentified inferior spouses. In several sources, their number is given as 16,000 or 16,100. The figure appears in many Sanskrit texts, most notably the Bhagavata Purana.

The exact nature of these marriages is unclear but it's believed they were political alliances rather than romantic partnerships. Some scholars believe that because Krishna was the ruler of Dwarka for some time before marrying Ashtabharya he may have had other relationships with women while others argue that because Ashtabharya was a goddess she could not be his wife.

Krishna's marriage arrangements are discussed in the Vedas too. For example, one verse in the Rig Veda says, "He [Krishna] married many a queen, both great and small...They gave him pleasure and he gave them joy."

In addition to these marriages, there are various stories about how Krishna cured people of illness, destroyed demons, and so on, which some scholars believe indicate that he must have married more than one woman per episode. But because of poor preservation of ancient texts, we can't be sure what many of these stories actually mean.

How many wives did Krishnadevaraya have?

Several historians believe Krishnadeva Raya had more than two wives. The well-known two were merely the crown queens (those with some administrative powers). However, he is alleged to have had six additional spouses who were not crown princesses. These include four ordinary women and two courtesans.

Krishnadeva Raya was married five times. His first marriage was at the age of nine years to a daughter of Rajaraja Chola's ally Ganga Devi. She was only 4 years old at the time of their marriage. This marriage was intended to create an alliance between the two families. It was purely political as well as ceremonial since there was no love involved from either side. This young couple had only one son before getting divorced. Krishnadeva Raya then married another daughter of Rajaraja Chola's ally Ganga Devi. This second marriage also lacked any love between the couple and it too was just a political alliance. They had three children before divorcing. Krishnadeva Raya then married his third wife, a daughter of a wealthy Vellala chieftain named Konerirajapuram Nayakkar. They had one child before separating. Krishnadeva Raya then married his fourth wife, a daughter of a Madurai ruler named Parantaka I.

How many sons did Daksha have?

Daksha and his wife Panchajani (Virani) produced 62 daughters, none of whom resembled their father, according to Matsya Purana. Ten of those girls wedded Dharma, thirteen to sage Kashyapa, twenty-seven to Chandra, four to Arishtanemi, one to Kama, one to Lord Shiva, two to sons of sage Bhrigu, two to sage Angiras, and two to Krisasva. This makes a total of 124 husbands for these daughters.

As mentioned earlier, all the daughters married except two. The first daughter married Vishnu in order to get rid of her husband's avataras. The second one married Shiva because she was afraid that if he got married then too would go away from her. Hence, both of them didn't marry.

Now coming back to question, how many sons did Daksha have? The answer is 62. One son married Chhaya (the moon goddess), another one married Soma (god of music). So, altogether 65 marriages took place among Daksha's children.

It may be noted that some traditions say that there were only 60 sons born to Daksha but some others say that there were also two daughters. If we consider only those traditions which say there were only 60 sons then the total number of marriages done by Daksha's children will be 110 instead of 124. However, considering both the traditions together leads to the fact that there were actually 62 sons and they married 106 times between them.

How many wives did Lord Shiva have?

Lord Shiva took on the embodied form of each of these eleven incarnations and was given eleven wives for each: Dhi, Vritti, Ushana, Uma, Niyuta, Sarpis, Ila, Ambika, Iravati, Sudha, and Dikshaa. Thus he had a total of 231 births.

Shiva's wife names are associated with various deities. Each wife has been married to Shiva for a specific purpose and when their task is done they get replaced by another woman who completes her own mission with Shiva as she is married to him for only an amritavumardhanam meaning "the timeless one" - the never-ending time period between one birth and the next".

In addition, there are other women called Parvatis who support Shiva's activities by performing religious rituals. There are also goddesses such as Durga and Kali who play important roles in Hindu mythology.

Now back to our question: how many wives did Shiva have? The answer is: it depends on which scripture you read because some texts count each incarnation as a separate marriage while others combine them. But either way, he had more than ten marriages!

Does actor Krishna have two wives?

Krishna married Indira, and then Vijaya Nirmala. Krishna met Vijaya Nirmala on the sets of Saakshi (1967). He and Indira have five children: two sons, Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu, and three girls, Padmavathi, Manjula, and Priyadarshini. Indira died in a plane crash on August 16, 1980.

In addition to his family, Krishna is also known for being one of India's most popular actors. He has won several awards throughout his career, including four National Film Awards and two Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards.

Krishna was born on March 23, 1933 in Pune, Maharashtra. His father was an attorney who later became a judge. When he was six years old, his family moved to Hyderabad where his father took up a job as a judge in the local court. He attended St. Joseph's College, Hyderabad for his higher education. While studying there, he started acting in school plays and music concerts. After finishing college, he moved back to Pune where he worked as a clerk at a bank for a few months before joining the Army. He served in the Indian Army for three years before pursuing a career in films.

He made his film debut in Raja Deshian (1953) with Chittor Varma, and went on to star in more than 100 films over the next seven years.

Who had 700 wives in the Bible?

Solomon Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, according to the biblical story. Foreign princesses, including the Pharaoh's daughter and ladies from Moab, Ammon, Edom, Sidon, and the Hittites, were mentioned as the spouses. Solomon also had female slaves who may have served as his wives.

He had these women in three separate groups: 300 princesses; 100 daughters of rulers; and 400 slave girls. All told, that makes 1,200 women who married into the family line of Solomon. This number does not include the many women who became pregnant but were not given in marriage by Solomon (or their husbands died).

This number does not include Solomon's own mother, whose status is not clear. However, she was most likely a foreign princess since she could not be the wife of her son.

It is possible that some of these women were also married to other men within the kingdom. For example, it has been suggested that some of the foreign princesses might have been married to Solomon while they were still living in their home countries. When they became pregnant, they would have returned to their parents' kingdoms, where they would have had freedom to choose another husband should they so desire.

After they gave birth, they would have been sent back to Solomon.

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