Does military life cover marriage counseling?

Does military life cover marriage counseling?

Military OneSource provides free, non-medical counseling services via phone, in person, or via secure, real-time video conferences or online chat. No matter where you live or serve, you can call to request counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Marriage counselors help spouses improve their relationships by addressing issues that may be preventing them from having an intimate connection.

Spouses who are having problems communicating, agreeing on key decisions, or simply want to learn how to better understand each other's needs will find this type of counseling useful. Marriage counselors also work with couples who have already separated but would like to save their relationship and seek a peaceful divorce.

Since all marriages struggle with some issue or another, it is not necessary for one to have been exposed to trauma or have experienced violence in order to benefit from marriage counseling. Spouses who have never met face-to-face can still receive counseling through the mail or over the internet; virtual counseling is available for those who cannot physically meet with their partner or who do not live near enough of one another to do so regularly.

In addition to helping individuals work through issues within their own relationships, marriage counselors also provide guidance to families who are seeking alternative solutions to traditional problems such as domestic abuse, addiction, or mental illness.

Do military spouses get free therapy?

Military OneSource provides up to 12 free sessions of non-medical mental health therapy to service soldiers and their families via face-to-face counseling, internet counseling, telephone counseling, and video counseling. Spouses and children aged 18 and above may access this resource without informing the service member. However, service members have first priority for services.

Spouses of active duty service members are eligible for benefits through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). In addition, military spouses can receive counseling through partnerships with local organizations such as VSO or SAHC. These organizations often provide free or low-cost counseling services to service members' families.

Therapy is also available at no cost to certain veterans who are unemployed or unable to work due to a disability or illness caused by military service.

Can you see a therapist in the military?

Counseling services are confidential for service members or their families who seek them through military support channels, and family members may utilize them without the service member's knowledge or agreement. Call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to learn more about your confidential assistance choices.

Does Military One Source help spouses?

Military Families OneSource offers comprehensive education and career assistance, as well as support and resources to military spouses seeking employment or a higher degree. The program provides free services in 45 states across the country, with additional locations planned.

OneSource's mission is to promote job opportunities for military spouses by providing access to educational programs and networking events. The organization also aims to reduce financial stress on service members' families by offering cash rewards for successful searches and placing graduates into high-paying jobs. In addition, OneSource operates 10 Career Centers in major cities across the country where spouses can search for jobs, apply for federal positions, and receive personalized counseling from trained staff members.

Services available through Military Families OneSource include: career counseling, job fairs/recruiting events planning, online resume database, premium subscription services (such as Korn/Ferry International), and weekly e-newsletters.

Spouses may be eligible for discounts on products and services purchased through the organization's website if they provide their active duty service member's email address when checking out.

In addition, Military Families OneSource hosts several annual events designed to connect spouses with hiring managers and offer valuable information on transitioning back into the workforce after a period of military service.

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