How do I pray for him to come back?

How do I pray for him to come back?

Dear Lord, please fill both of our hearts with love, patience, joy, and happiness for one another. Please assist us in finding our way back to each other's arms. Also, assist him in healing his bitter heart against me and rekindling the love he once had for me. Fill his heart and mind with memories of the happy moments we shared, rather than the unpleasant. Give him strength during my time apart from him, and help him to focus on something other than missing me. Help us to look toward the future with hope instead of despair. In Jesus' name, amen.

How do I pray for lost love?

Please, Lord, assist me and make her/his heart love me again. Dear Lord, I know you can embody the most vital request. I beg you to rescue my love. This is my sole desire. This love was the most valuable thing in my life, and now it's gone. Please, take care of her/him. I trust in you.

If you want to pray for your love back, then you should know how to pray for lost love. Praying for lost love is not a new concept for Christians. In fact, Jesus told us to pray for our enemies so that we don't have conflict with them (see Matthew 5:44). He also said that if we ask anything according to His will, he will listen to us (see James 4:2).

So praying for lost love is an act of faith. You believe that God can bring about the healing of broken hearts and restore two people who were once apart into one perfect whole again. Your prayer must include the following elements:

1 It must be sincere. Love isn't just a feeling but also an action of the will. So if you truly want to pray for lost love then you need to put in some effort by going through the motions of loving someone again even though you may not feel like it right now.

2 It must be confident.

How do I pray to Jesus for love?

Please Heal the Wounds of My Love. Calm the urge in me that causes me to make poor decisions. Soothe the ache in my spirit that drives me to seek love. Restore my confidence in divine love and timing. Bring me real love at the appropriate moment and for the right reasons. Let there be no doubt that you control my heart, mind, and actions.

I believe that God is always listening to our prayers. We only need to have faith in him and trust his plan for our lives. So if you want to ask Jesus to heal the wounds of your love then just say the following prayer:

Thank you for listening. I am healed.

Pray this prayer every day until you see results.

You can also add words to the prayer. For example, if you want Jesus to give you love then you could say:

Give me love @sarahkeller.

How do I pray for my broken family?

Lord of our Banner, I beseech you to bless me and my children as we begin a new life after the sad breakdown of our family. Give us the strength to stand together, loving and affirming one another. A decent location to live that meets our budgetary demands. Amen.

There are many ways to pray for your family. You can write them letters, draw pictures, send emails—whatever mode of communication you prefer. Here are some ideas for prayers you could use:

Bless our food so that we will eat well and be healthy. Protect us from sin and its consequences. Make us willing to accept help when we need it. Renew our minds each day with your truths so that we may live according to your design. Bless our homes and those who live in them. Bring peace between brothers and sisters. Keep us close to one another forever.

After thinking about how you can pray for your family, try writing down their problems. Then pray for each person separately. You can also ask God to show you other ways you can help them. Finally, don't forget to thank him for giving you faith to believe he will answer your prayer.

How do you pray for someone you love back?

Your soulmate's prayer Dear God, the loving substance of everything, Please infuse me with your holy presence. I beg your love, wisdom, and blessings. As I journey into the depths of my heart, I beg your help in releasing what stands in the way of genuine love. With faith in you, I pray.

Prayer is powerful. It has the power to heal, transform, deliver, and create miracles. Prayer has the power to save lives. It can also destroy sins and invite forgiveness. Through prayer we can communicate with God and others. We can ask him or her to intervene in our lives and in the lives of others.

If you have lost someone close to you, whether it be a spouse, parent, sibling, child, friend, or partner, you know how important their prayers were to them. You may not think much about this fact until they are gone, but it should never escape your mind. They needed God's love and grace just as we do. Without his help, they could not overcome their problems or seek redemption.

So if you want to save your loved one, you must start praying right now! Open up a conversation with God. Tell him or her that you need them back in your life. Ask him to bring their lover home. Tell him or her that you want to change your ways before they return. Pray for one another.

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