Is it true that people never get content?

Is it true that people never get content?

Evolution and nature Humans were not created to be joyful or even content. Instead, like every other species in the natural world, humans are created essentially to live and reproduce. Nature discourages satisfaction because it lowers our guard against potential dangers to our existence. Satisfaction tends to lead to boredom and loss of motivation, which are both enemies of survival.

So evolution has designed us to be hungry ghosts? Not exactly. As mentioned, humans are also designed to enjoy food and drink. It's just that the process of eating gives us an immediate sense of fulfillment. That's why we eat alone or with others, in private or in public.

The problem is that we modern people don't know how to satisfy our hunger and thirst properly. Most of us eat too much and drink too little. We also use alcohol and drugs to escape from life's problems, but they only add to the burden. In fact, addiction is a chronic condition that can no longer be treated with simple abstinence-only policies.

So we're told to eat more vegetables and fruit, have less meat, use spices instead of salt, and so on. All of this is very good advice, but it won't help you if you still eat too much or drink too little after following these guidelines for several months. At some point you need to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Why are people not happy today?

A lack of progress is one of the most prevalent causes of unhappiness in people's life. People get locked in their comfort zones at some point in their lives. Most of us attempt to live our lives in a very safe manner. "I wish I'd had the fortitude to live a life true to myself rather than the life that people expected of me." - Oscar Wilde

We follow the herd mentality; we all want to be part of the group. This is especially true when it comes to making decisions. We all want to be comfortable and avoid pain, so we do what others do. This is why most people stay in jobs they dislike because they would feel uncomfortable quitting everything they know or trying something new.

People also don't like change for its own sake. We all want to maintain what we've got, who we're with, where we live. All these things make up our comfort zone, and changing any of them can be difficult. Changing jobs, neighborhoods, or countries is extremely stressful because you have to find new ways of dealing with these issues.

Finally, progress implies a forward movement which people feel compelled to contribute to. We all want to improve ourselves and our lives through our actions. However, most of us don't take the time to help others because it doesn't benefit us directly. We try to solve other people's problems by giving advice, but this only makes them more unhappy since it wasn't taken into consideration before hand.

Why do some people struggle to be content?

One of the reasons individuals struggle to be content is because they spend more time focused on what they don't have than than what they do have. That is why it is beneficial to have a basic thankfulness practice. You can find advice on how to practice appreciation every day in this post.

Another reason some people struggle to be content is because they always look forward to something else happening or going away. They never feel completely satisfied with what they have now so they always want more out of life. This type of personality should try to understand that all things change including happiness and sadness. If you are unable to enjoy what you have now, you will never be able to appreciate it later when you are sad or lonely. The only way to overcome this trait is by learning how to stop looking forward to things and instead focus on what you do have now.

A third reason some people struggle to be content is because they compare themselves to others. If someone else has what she wants, feels safe, and is loved then she doesn't need to worry about being content. However, if she could just figure out what that person is doing that makes them so happy then maybe she could be like them and be content too. This type of thinking is very common among young adults who are trying to establish their own lives. They see others traveling around the world, living in luxury apartments, and dating someone great.

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