Is the Kahr CW9 a good carry gun?

Is the Kahr CW9 a good carry gun?

When seeking for a handgun that can serve as both a carry gun and a home defense weapon, the Kahr CW9 pistol is a potential option. A larger, heavier pistol with 15-plus rounds of ammo is a convenience to have at home, but it does not hide well and is thus unlikely to be where you need it to be. The Kahr CW9 is a fine choice for those looking for a reliable gun at an affordable price.

The Kahr CW9 is a 9mm pistol with a 4.5-inch barrel and a weight of 19.8 ounces. It features a dual-spring system for better recoil management and a flat-bottom frame for easier handling. The polymer grip panel is textured for better hand placement while the trigger is light and smooth. Overall, this is a simple, effective pistol that will serve you well if used properly.

There are several options for carrying the Kahr CW9. There is a shoulder holster available from Kahr itself while another company called OCW Technologies makes a belt holster. Both these products are reasonably priced. If you plan to use the CW9 on a regular basis, consider purchasing one of these carriers since they will make your life easier.

In terms of accuracy, the Kahr CW9 was tested by Gun Tests International and proved to be fairly accurate, with a 0% failure rate over three rounds. The magazine size is only 10 rounds, so consider this when choosing your supply of ammunition.

What is a CW9 pistol?

The Kahr (r) Arms CW9 (tm) Semi-Auto Weapon's lightweight and small profile make it a great concealed carry pistol. The CW9 is controlled by a DAO cocking trigger. The polymer frame of the Kahr Arms CW9 Semi-Auto Pistol is complemented by a non-slip, textured grip and a stainless steel slide. The sights on the Kahr Arms CW9 are fixed, front and rear drift barrels that are marked with three dots to indicate either 3 or 9 mm chambers. A protective plastic cover fits over the barrel before you buy it stripped for use without the cover.

The Kahr Arms CW9 is an easy-to-carry semi-automatic designed with modern shooters in mind. It features a 10-round capacity with no internal parts to wear out over time, a reversible top-loader magazine, and a DAO (drop-action-only) trigger design. The Kahr Arms CW9 is made in the United States and comes with lifetime warranty coverage from its manufacturer.

Kahr Arms was founded in 1992 and is based in Los Angeles, California. The company designs and manufactures semi-automatic pistols in several models including the CW9. All Kahr Arms weapons feature a full-size frame, 4.5" barrel, and come with one 10-round magazine. The compact size of these pistols makes them ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse. In addition, the CW9 is also available in a 38 Special version.

Is the Kahr P40 a good gun?

You can't go wrong with a Kahr for a well-made, 100 percent made-in-the-USA handgun designed from the ground up for concealed carry. It hides well and shoots better than the majority of the competition in its class. If 40 S&W isn't your thing, Kahr also makes P40 pistols in 9mm, 380 ACP, and 45 ACP. The only real drawback to a Kahr is the price: A new model runs about $500-600. But if you're looking for the best value on the market, there's no beating a Kahr.

Is the Smith and Wesson SD40 VE a good gun?

The Smith & Wesson SD40, as indicated at the outset of this article, is one of the greatest pistol deals on the market. Mine proved to be a completely dependable pistol. The handgun is chambered in a powerful caliber and is a nice size for covert carry as well as home protection. However, like any other firearm, it does have its drawbacks. For example, the SD40 has relatively low recoil for such a large-caliber weapon and it can be difficult to shoot accurately with heavy breathing due to the power of the cartridge. Overall, though, this is a very reliable gun that will last forever if taken care of properly.

What is the best 9mm pistol for pocket carry?

With this list of 12 of the best concealed carry weapons chambered in 9mm, we want to help you limit down your options.

  • CZ P-10 C.
  • Glock 19.
  • Ruger LC9s.
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.
  • Kimber Micro 9.
  • Walther PPQ.
  • Springfield Armory XD-S.
  • Sig Sauer P320.

Are Kahr pistols reliable?

P380 Kahr Both rifles are extremely reliable and are a joy to carry, let alone fire. Triggers that are simple, smooth, and constant, with a good form and no sharp edges, and that are more accurate than they should be. The P22 is even better in this regard: it has a flat surface where the trigger hook meets the frame, which helps ensure proper trigger placement every time.

Reliability is one thing, but you also want your gun to function when you need it to. Does it do so without hesitation? Can you easily repair or replace components? These are all important questions that will help determine how much effort you should put into keeping your pistol in good working order.

Kahr guns have some of the best reviews out there for both the P380 and the P22. They are affordable, easy to maintain, and functional firearms that most people will enjoy using. If you're looking for a new pistol, consider checking out these two models from Kahr.

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