Was Shon Gables in the military?

Was Shon Gables in the military?

Shon's Military Service Shon served in the United States Army Reserves for over seven years after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. He was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, and was trained as a chemical specialist. His last official duty with the army was to serve as a drill sergeant during which time he did not receive any special honors or decorations.

After his service career ended, Shon worked as a security guard at a high school in Oklahoma before moving to Tennessee to work as a car salesman. In 2001, he started a job as a sales manager with Mercedes-Benz of Nashville where he remained for three years before being promoted to general manager. In this role, he managed a team of employees who sold cars at several different dealerships across Nashville. He also did some demo driving at local car shows when asked to do so by customers.

In 2014, Shon was hired by H-E-B to be one of their managers. The job required him to travel around Texas helping other store managers run their businesses successfully. In addition, he continued to work as a security guard at H-E-B's headquarters in San Antonio through this time period.

There is no evidence that Shon Gable is affiliated with any military organization or group.

What was James Earl Rudder’s career before taking command of an Army Ranger Battalion?

Military service Rudder joined the United States Army Reserve as a second lieutenant of infantry after graduating from Texas A&M. Rudder served as the Commanding Officer of the United States Army's 2nd Ranger Battalion during the D-Day landings after being called into active duty in 1941. He received several awards for his leadership during World War II including the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star.

After the war, Rudder went on to receive several other military decorations including two Distinguished Service Medals and three Silver Stars. He also held several other positions within the army including instructor at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia; Commander of the Army Security Agency; and finally Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations/Chief of Staff of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

In May 1975, President Gerald Ford nominated Rudder for the Medal of Honor but the nomination did not become public knowledge until more than a year later when the White House released a list of recipients of the award. The president presented Rudder with the nation's highest military decoration at a ceremony on February 28, 1976. Rudder died a few months later on April 4, at the age of 69.

Rudder is one of only four officers who have been awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during two different wars. The others are John Basilone, Carl Bloch, and Harry Buford III.

When did Glen Cook serve in the Navy?

Cook served in the United States Navy from 1962 to 1972, and was assigned to a Marine Force Recon unit, the 3rd Marine Battalion, for a period. Cook fought in "practice fighting" while attached to the Force Recon Unit and departed active service "a month before [the unit] sailed out to Vietnam Nam." He later said of his time with the Force Reconnaissance Unit, "We were the first American troops to fight on Vietnamese soil during the Vietnam War."

After leaving the Marines, Cook returned home to Illinois where he worked as a police officer. In 1978, he began writing novels for young adults and children. His works include the Glen Cook series about the assassin known as the Black Knife; the Felix Leiter series; and several other stand-alone thrillers. The Felix Leiter series includes "The Hanging Garden", which was made into a film starring Edward Fox and Rosanna Arquette.

Cook was awarded the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for Best Novel for his work on three occasions: in 1994 for The Black Company; in 1997 for The Devil's Tea House; and in 1998 for A Thread of Grace. He was also given the Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America in 1995 for best contemporary novel.

In addition to writing novels, Cook wrote a number of screenplays including two that were made into films: "A Piece of Cake" and "The Bluebird".

Who served the Shoguns?

They also collaborated with daimyo, or rich landlords. Finally, shoguns collaborated with samurai, a military class often employed by the daimyo. From 1192 until 1868, Japan was dominated by a series of three great shogunates (Kamakura, Ashikaga, and Tokugawa). During that time, many techniques, practices, and inventions important to modern life in Japan came about. One example is the use of paper money, which became popular under the shoguns.

The shoguns hired warriors called "samurai" who worked for them in their private armies. The number of samurai increased during times of war or danger when more soldiers were needed. With the coming of peace, they went back home. However, since most families could not afford to keep their sons at home, they hired out their sons as temporary workers. These young men were called "gekko samurais" or "working samurai." They made up about one-third of all samurai. The other two-thirds were farmers who conscripted themselves when needed for army duty or revenge killings.

During times of war or danger, more soldiers were needed. So, the shoguns would hire out their own armies of samurai plus those of friends or enemies.


"I don't want to be in a false battle in a studio," Fonda said when she enrolled in the United States Navy to fight in World War II. Stewart and he had previously worked together to generate donations for Britain's military. Fonda was a quartermaster third class on the destroyer USS Satterlee for three years. She received a medal for her service.

When asked if being in the military had changed her life, Fonda replied, "Yes, I think it has. I wouldn't say that it's made me more peaceful or anything like that, but it has made me more aware of what is important in life."

She also talked about how she felt while serving in the military: "It's an incredible feeling to be part of something so big and important. But at the same time, you're alone a lot. There's no one home but yourself. So I think it makes you appreciate your family much more than ever before."

After the war, Fonda went back to school and got her bachelor's degree in speech therapy. She moved to California and worked as a therapist for children with language disorders. In 1958, she married Henry Fonda and they had two children together.

Throughout her career, Fonda has won several awards including two Oscars, five Golden Globes, and four Grammys. She has also been nominated multiple times but never won any other awards besides her Oscar win for Philadelphia.

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