What caste is Krishna?

What caste is Krishna?

Krishna was now born as a Yadava clan Kshatriya (or warrior caste), and his second name, Vasudeva, was explained away as a patronym (the name "Vasudeva" was given to his father). Krishna was finally smuggled into the cowherd clan of the Abhiras, fearing the anger of his uncle, Kamsa. There he grew up among the other boys of the clan.

In order to protect the young princes from persecution, their parents arranged for them to be married off. But the marriage brokers were actually agents of the evil king Kansa, who wanted to secure his own throne by marrying his sons off. As soon as the boys were married, they were taken from their families and imprisoned in separate castles.

Meanwhile, Vrindavan, where the boys were kept, became famous all over India for its beauty. Young women would travel for miles just to visit the places where the boys were being held captive. The kings thought that by keeping the princes locked up, they would be safe from danger; but it wasn't long before they realized that they needed help dealing with these children. So they sent servants to obtain information from the royal minister about how to go about killing them. He told them that the only way to destroy them was by throwing them into the river Yamuna and letting them float down stream; because if you try to kill them, then even though they will die, they will also revive themselves again at a later date.

Who are Krishna’s parents?

Krishna was born in Mathura to Queen Devaki and her husband, King Vasudeva, of the Yadava line. Kansa, Devaki's tyrannical brother, was terrorizing Mother Earth alongside other demon monarchs. Kansa had seized his father, the benign King Ugrasen, from the throne of Mathura. He also murdered King Vasudeva when he was still pregnant with Krishna.

To escape his murderous brother, King Vasudeva took his wife and son into exile. They settled in a wooded area near the town of Vrindavan, where many of Krishna's holy places are located today. There Krishna grew up among cowherds, playing with them all day long before going to learn the arts of war from his father.

When Krishna turned 18, he went to King Kansa to ask for permission to fight against other kingdoms but Kansa refused him even though he was Krishna's nephew. Hurt by this rejection, Krishna left for the forest with his army. During his stay in the forest, he met Balarama, his elder brother; and they both decided to disobey their uncle and go back home to fight against him.

Meanwhile, King Vasudeva was worried about his absent son and sent spies to find out what happened to him. The spies reported that Krishna was leading an army and was on his way home. Overjoyed, King Vasudeva prepared to welcome his son back.

Is Krishna a Yadav or a Kshatriya?

Krishna Vasudev was a Kshatriya Yadav, but the other Yadavs under his command would have been merchants, professionals, labourers, and so on (non-Kshatriya). He was born in a wealthy family in a small town in what is present-day India. The family name is originally an Indian one - Krishan. His father's name was Vasudeva and his mother's name was Devaki. They were married by a priest who did not know whether they were Hindu or Muslim.

When Krishna was twelve years old, his parents decided to move to another city where they could make more money. So they packed their belongings into a wagon and followed the road north. On the way, they stopped at several villages where Krishna used his charms to get people to hire them for tasks such as digging wells and building houses. When their trip was over, they arrived at a village called Dwarka on the shore of the Arabian Sea. Here Krishna's family had some friends, and they lived in comfort for a while.

About six months later, his father got sick and died. Now alone with her three young children, there was no way for Devaki to make enough money to live on. She decided to go back home to sell all the belongings they had brought with them to buy food for herself and her children.

Why is Krishna also known as Vasudev?

Pandavas were Pandu's sons; Arjuna was also known as Kaunteya since he was Kunti's son. Krishna was known as Vaasudev since he was Vasudev's son. One of the earliest types of worship in Vaishnavism and Krishnaism is the Krishna Vaasudeva cult. It originated with Vasudeva, who introduced his son into existence from his belly by using his powers as a deva (god). This incident is often referred to as "Vasudeva pralaya" (the disappearance of Vasudeva).

Krishna is also known as Balarama because of his extensive knowledge of music and dance. He usually plays on a musical instrument called vina for saving the world from destruction. His consort is called Devaki and they are always accompanied by their companions, Rukmini and Yashoda.

Krishna has many other names too: Govardhan, Nanda, Ananta (meaning infinite), Chitrakooti (the one who enjoys children), Madhava (the expert), Sharva (the shadow), Pradyumna (the elder brother) and Aniruddha (the unharmed one).

He is said to have appeared on earth at least once before Pandavas' time. That previous appearance of Krishna was when Vyasa saw him in a dream and started performing rituals to invite him back.

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