What did Brigham Young believe in?

What did Brigham Young believe in?

Young, a follower of the philosophy of multiple marriage, had 20 women and fathered 47 children. In 1832, Young became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). He was given authority by God to establish this church.

In addition to having many wives and husbands, Young also taught that blacks were descendants of Cain and that they could not become members of the church. Young also believed that God had given him special powers and called him to lead the Mormon people. These beliefs are known as "polygamy" and "saints' polygamy." Polygamy was common among leaders of other religions at the time. It was not considered wrong at the time because most people didn't live as long as Young did. There were no laws against it either. The first major attack on polygamy came from Thomas Jefferson who said that it was unfair to society when two people lived while others starved.

In 1887, after being told by God through a prophet that he should allow polygamy, Young declared that the practice was illegal and stopped it entirely. However, this did not end up being very long lasting. In 1890, after being forced out of his position as president of the church, Young was excommunicated from the church. Today, he is regarded as a great prophet but not one of divine origin like Joseph Smith Jr.

Was Brigham Young related to Joseph Smith?

Brigham Young, who replaced Joseph Smith as leader of the LDS Church, formally declared the practice in Utah. Polygamy was abolished by the church in 1890. However, doubts persist, including whether Joseph Smith, who had nine biological children with his wife Emma Smith, had any children from a polygamous marriage. The issue is complicated by the fact that several women claimed to be Joseph Smith's plural wives.

In an 1872 letter to George D. Smith, Brigham Young states: "I was informed by one of my officers that you were curious to know if I was married more than once; and as there are persons in the world who would marry me to this day if I would permit it, I thought it best to inform you that I am not."

However, this does not mean that Brigham Young accepted multiple marriages. He may have been answering a question about his own marital history that someone had asked him. Or perhaps he was simply being polite enough to tell someone who had inquired about his personal life that he had more than one wife. In any case, Young's statement does not necessarily indicate that he practiced polygamy. It could also have been made in response to another person asking if he was married more than once.

It is also important to note that George D. Smith was not only Brigham Young's son-in-law but also his chief counselor. Thus, they would have been sitting next to each other when Young wrote this letter.

How many kids did Joseph Smith have in the LDS?

Eleven children On January 18, 1827, in South Bainbridge, New York, they married. They had 11 children, who are listed here in chronological order of birth. On June 27, 1844, Joseph was martyred at Carthage, Illinois. He was 38 years old.

The youngest child, Virginia Elizabeth Hancock Shaffer, was only nine months old when her father was killed. She lived to be 91 years old.

Joseph's wife, Emma Smith, died on April 9, 1872, at the age of 78. She is considered by many to be the greatest female leader in American history. In her own right, she was a woman of strong faith, courage, and conviction. She played an important role in the growth and development of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after her husband's death. She is also known for her kindness, generosity, and love of children.

After Emma's death, there were several women who claimed to be Joseph Smith's third wife. None of them were officially recognized by the church. However, one of these women, Louisa Beaman, helped raise some of Joseph's children after his death. She is credited with helping raise Benjamin F. Johnson, who became president of the church. In addition, she helped raise George Albert Smith, who served as second counselor in the first presidency under his father Benjamin.

Does Brigham Young have descendants?

Consider Brigham Young. His offspring produced 204 grandkids, who in turn produced 745 great-grandchildren. It was stated in 1982 that he had at least 5,000 direct descendants. Another estimate put the number at 8,000-10,000.

Brigham Young was a major influence in the early history of what is now Utah. He led the settlement of Zion in 1847 and helped establish many cities and towns. In addition, he founded two universities and several schools. Today, many families are connected to Brigham Young because of this influence on settler life after his death in 1877.

In conclusion, yes, Brigham Young has descendants.

How did Phineas Young get the Book of Mormon?

Samuel Smith gave Phineas Young a copy of the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith's brother was Samuel Smith. Brigham Young's brother, on the other hand, was Phineas Young. Brigham, on the other hand, had studied that book before accepting to be baptized. Brigham was motivated by Miller's testimony. Miller was one of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon.

Phineas Young was one of the first members of the First Council of the Seventy. He was also one of the seven original trustees of Brigham Young University. Phineas Young died in 1877 at the age of 63.

Brigham Young said about the Book of Mormon: "It has given me peace about churches and ministers after reading it. It confirms what I have believed all along regarding prophets, seers, and revelators; and it is worth its weight in gold."

Phineas Young said about the Book of Mormon: "I know it is true because I have read it with my own eyes. If anyone else can show how much it costs to publish a book like this, I would like to know how they could earn enough money with it."

How did Moroni find out about the Book of Mormon?

After hearing his friend Joseph Smith claim he had a vision from God telling him where he could find the plates, Martin Harris went looking for them.

When did Brigham Young become president of the LDS Church?

5th of December, 1847 When Brigham Young became President of the Church on December 5, 1847, he ruled over almost 35,000 people in the Church, which had one stake and five missions. When the Saints were compelled to flee to the west, they were forced to abandon Nauvoo and their recently consecrated temple. Upon arrival in the Great Basin, Young declared that the city would be rebuilt and the temple restored. However, only six months after his announcement, Young was called by a higher power to lead the church across the country. He left his wife Mary and four children behind in Illinois.

They traveled with all their possessions in a series of covered wagons. The family was reunited upon reaching Salt Lake Valley but Young was still expected to lead the church. During his lifetime, Young led the church on a journey of more than 10,000 miles through nine states, including Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. In addition to being president of the church, Young also served as mayor of Salt Lake City for several years.

He was known for his charisma and leadership skills. Many men wanted to serve under him so he appointed seventies (young men who have not yet been ordained as priests) as assistants at many levels within the church hierarchy. These men were given responsibilities equivalent to those of an assistant priest in modern times. For example, one of Young's seventy may have been in charge of a congregation or district.

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