What did Jesus say about the destruction of the temple?

What did Jesus say about the destruction of the temple?

"This guy declared, 'I am capable of destroying the temple of God and rebuilding it in three days," he added. "We heard Him declare, 'I will destroy this temple fashioned with hands and construct another made without hands in three days.'" In answer, Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and I will build it up in three days."'

Jesus was not threatening death or destruction but rather He was revealing that the destruction of the temple was going to happen soon. The Jewish leaders knew what He was saying was true because they had seen the temple being built by Herod's men. They also knew the prophecy of Jeremiah about the day when someone would destroy the temple; it had been nearly two thousand years since then! So, they asked Him to show His power by doing something miraculous to prove that He is the Son of David.

Jesus replied by telling them that on the day the temple is destroyed, the temple of man will be standing where the temple of God once stood. Then He said, "Are you willing to see this temple destroyed just like the one you have?" At this point, everyone expected Him to do some kind of miracle because of all the people watching, but instead Jesus told them: "Do you really want to see this temple destroyed?"

The question Jesus asked His disciples is exactly what the Jews were thinking.

How long did it take for Jesus to rebuild the Temple?

As a result, the demolition of the Temple is seen as the death of Jesus' body, the body of God, and his resurrection three days later. The fact that Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple and his restoration of it in three days is reported in John 2:19 and used against him in Matthew 26:61.

Jesus began his ministry by announcing the arrival of the kingdom of heaven. He preached the end of the age and offered himself as a sacrifice for sin. When he returned to earth three days after his crucifixion, he raised his hands in prayer and blessing. Then he appeared to his disciples and others and told them to wait for the Holy Spirit, who would lead them into all truth.

When Jesus went away from earth, he said he would return before the temple was rebuilt. However, the temple was destroyed during the Roman occupation, so how could it be rebuilt? Jesus answered this question by saying that the temple he rebuilt on earth would never be destroyed (John 2:21). This new temple was not built with stones or mortar but with the living presence of Jesus Christ dwelling in those who believe.

Since its destruction in A.D. 70, many have sought to reconstruct the temple. The most recent attempt started in 1978 and is still under construction today. It will be a single structure that can be divided into two rooms inside of it - one for religious use and one for ceremonial functions.

Where does Jesus talk about the Temple?

Jerusalem According to John 2:13, Jesus visited the Temple in Jerusalem towards the beginning of his career, and in John 2:20, Jesus was informed, "For forty and six years was this temple in building, and you wish to raise it up in three days?" Clearly Jesus did more than just visit the Temple; he also worked miracles there. The Bible is clear that the work of the Messiah must center around salvation for all humanity, not just the Jews.

Jesus' ministry began as a call to repentance, especially to the Jewish people who had turned their back on God. In the temple area itself, Jesus confronted the money changers and the practitioners of magic. He also threatened to destroy the temple if it were not rebuilt within three days (John 2:18).

Jesus did not build churches to replace the temple, but he did reveal God's desire for his followers to live holy lives in order to bring glory to him. At the end of Jesus' life on earth, he said,"I am leaving everything I own, including taxes, so that you can have freedom from fear (ancient versions say 'terror') of death or judgment. Have faith in me, and I will give you eternal life" (John 14:27). Jesus promised that those who follow him will never experience death, because they will be with him in paradise forever (14:23).

How does the Temple relate to Jesus?

As he preached, Jesus used the Temple metaphorically to foretell his death and resurrection: "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will build it up," he stated. But, via his death, Jesus tore down that barrier, implying, among other things, that all people may now enter God's presence. Additionally, by rising from the dead, Jesus proved that he is the true Messiah.

Jesus' actions as well as his teachings reveal that he had deep ties with the Temple. He respected it as a place of worship for God's people and wanted them to have full access to God through him. In fact, the Bible says that without the help of Jesus, we can never see God (Hebrews 12:18). However, the Temple also played a role in the execution of Jesus. After his trial, Pilate gave the order to destroy the Temple, but Jesus stopped him until after he died. Finally, after Jesus' death, his disciples went to the Temple to release any animals or goods that were dedicated to God but found it burned down.

In conclusion, the Temple was very important to Jesus' life and ministry. It is where he taught people about God and where they came to pray. His actions as well as his teachings show that he cared for this place and wanted everyone to be able to enjoy its benefits.

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