What did Rebekah know about the blessing for Esau?

What did Rebekah know about the blessing for Esau?

When Rebekah heard that Isaac was preparing to offer the blessing to Esau, she understood that the Lord had promised that the blessing would go to the younger son (Genesis 27:5-13). The Lord discussed this with Rebekah rather than Isaac. Since Esau was a grown man and could have gone to meet him, it seems likely that he rejected his birthright.

Rebekah knew exactly what would happen to Esau because the Lord told her. He used her to warn Isaac of how things would turn out if Isaac followed through on his plan to give the blessing to Esau. The Bible says that when Isaac looked up at the sky during the ceremony, he saw only a red haze due to the anger of God. That is why Scripture calls this the day that Isaac became aware of his blindness and reliance on God.

Esau's rejection of his birthright caused him to lose his blessing, his chance to become blessed, and his opportunity to enter into heaven. But as we see from Rebekah's example, there is hope for those who trust in Jesus!

Even though Esau sold his inheritance, took his weapons and went to live with a hunter, God still considered him innocent. Because he believed Jesus was the Son of God, he was saved despite his actions. Later on, when Esau met Jacob again, he brought firewood instead of game.

Why was Jacob blessed instead of Esau?

The Lord had revealed to Rebekah that Jacob would inherit the birthright, but Rebekah knew how much Isaac loved his oldest son and want to bestow these benefits on Esau. Rebekah felt Esau was unworthy because he had not always made the proper decisions. The blessing would therefore be given to Jacob rather than Esau by Isaac. This way, both sons would be happy and could live in peace.

Rebekah took advantage of the opportunity she had been given and deceived her husband into giving the blessings to their youngest child. She planned all along to give them to Esau later on when they were alone. This shows that even though God chooses our leader, we should still have faith in him and know that he has a plan for us even if we don't understand it yet. It also shows that family relationships are very important to God.

After Isaac's death, Esau went to hunt food where he met Lady Luck who changed his life forever. He eventually found Jacob at the house of Rachel's father Lavan. Lavan gave Esau some food to eat and told him to sleep there until morning when he would give him some game to hunt or else he would die. That night, Jacob stole away from Lavan's house with the help of his twin brother Benjamin. They traveled throughout Europe for several years before finally making it to Paddan Aram (Syria). There, they stayed with an uncle named Abraham who had children of his own.

Why does Rebekah want Jacob to get Esau’s?

Reading Genesis 27:1–40, we find Rebekah overhearing a discussion between Isaac and Esau and then scheming a crime in order for Jacob to get the blessing meant for his brother, and Jacob successfully carrying out the plan and stealing the blessing. Is she not fond of Esau? Was she compelled to do so by a revelation? These are some questions that arise when reading this narrative.

Rebekah was born into an Arab tribe called the Emim. She was therefore a member of the same tribal family as Esau - who was also an Arab. Although they were first cousins, their mothers were sisters. Therefore, they were second cousins once removed - which means they were third cousins twice removed. This is why she refers to him as "my son" (which means "my first-cousin") several times in this chapter. They were not related by blood but rather through marriage.

It is also possible that Rebekah wanted to help her nephew because he was very close to her older brother, Laban. Perhaps she felt sorry for him because he had no father to guide him and no mother to protect him. Thus, she decided to steal the blessing from his cousin, Jacob, in order for him to have something good come out of this bad situation.

Finally, it could be said that Rebekah did this act out of free will because she believed it was the right thing to do.

How does Rebekah help Jacob trick Isaac into the blessing of the firstborn?

The Firstborn's Blessing Rebekah overhears Isaac tell Esau in Genesis 27:5-7, "Bring me venison and prepare a tasty dish for me to eat, and bless thee before the LORD before my death." Rebekah advises Jacob to impersonate Esau in order to get the blessing in his brother's place. She tells him to go to Laban's house and pretend you are Esau returning from hunting. When Laban sees that Jacob is dressed in clean clothes instead of dirty ones like Esau, he will give him the best food available - which would be venison - and also give him the firstborn son Bethuel as a gift. Then, when Isaac asks where Esau is, Jacob can say that he doesn't know since Esau left him at the ford to go hunt game.

This story shows that even though Esau was supposed to be the firstborn, Jacob could have inherited his birthright if not for Rebekah's deception. Even though God chose Jacob over Esau, they were still brothers who loved each other despite their differences. It's possible that had things been different, Esau might have chosen a wife from the women of Hazeroth rather than from the women of Peniel (his own tribe) - which would have made him socially acceptable and not have caused such controversy among the families of Jacob and Rachel. However, God had other plans for both of them.

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