What did the angels say to Lot in the Bible?

What did the angels say to Lot in the Bible?

However, he looked to be joking to his sons-in-law. When daylight came, the angels encouraged Lot to get up and grab his wife and two daughters, or he would be carried away in the city's punishment. But he paused. He must have remembered the promise of God's protection for those who stayed behind.

Lot decided not to risk it and took his family to escape the destruction that was about to come upon Sodom. As they were leaving, he thanked the angels for saving him and his family from being destroyed along with Sodom. Then he told his daughters-in-law to turn back and look after their children.

After they were gone, the angels went back into heaven while Satan turned his attention to Lot. In an attempt to win him over, he showed Lot a beautiful garden with trees filled with fruit. However, when Lot tried to enter it, he found out that it was guarded by lions. Realizing that there was no way for him to get into this paradise, Satan returned home disappointed.

Meanwhile, Abraham's other son, Nahor, married a woman from the same town as his brother Lot. They too had children, including Cainan who became the father of Judah and Tamar.

Tamar was raped by her cousin Judah but managed to hide the fact that she was pregnant with him.

Why did the angels tell Lot to leave?

So Lot went out and talked to his sons-in-law, who had agreed to marry his daughters. "Hurry and get out of here, since the LORD is about to demolish the city!" he shouted. His sons-in-law, on the other hand, felt he was kidding. The angels encouraged Lot as daylight approached, urging, "Hurry! Get out of here! Don't look back!"

When the sun came up, it found them still sitting in the street, debating what to do. Finally, they got into some sort of motion and left town, looking back over their shoulders at everything they'd built. As soon as they were gone, the angels came down from heaven and destroyed every living thing in the city with a flood (except for Noah and his family), killing everyone inside the walls with a huge tornado. Only then did they turn to look at the town that had been so foolish as to defy God.

We can understand why the angels told Lot to get out of town before nightfall. They knew that the earth was going to be destroyed and they didn't want any of its inhabitants to be hurt when the floodwaters swept across the planet. Even though Lot believed the angels were telling him there was no need to worry about destruction, they wanted him to have time to save himself before it happened.

Where did the angels take Lot and his family?

The angels pushed him to hurry up and depart as the day began to dawn; when he delayed, the angels seized hold of Lot, his wife, and two daughters and carried them beyond the city and laid them down. Lot was informed by the angel. That his possessions were safe and told to look around him before they departed.

He looked behind him and saw that the city was perishing because of intense fire from God's altar, which consumed it. Then, turning back, he found that the angels had gone.

When Lot reached this conclusion, he took his family as close to the mountain as he could go. But the angels came after them and commanded them to turn back, but they refused. So, the angels carried them away again in spite'to their will, and this time removed them from the sight of the city that was being destroyed.

When night came on, the angels brought them down from the mountain into a valley where there was food and water to keep them alive until God's judgment was over. This happened three times during the night so that everyone had a chance to be taken to safety.

In the morning, when Lot woke up, he found himself alone with his family. He asked the girls what had become of the boys, but neither one of them knew anything about them.

What was the story of Lot in the Bible?

Lot's narrative is an example of a guy who had lived close to his godly ancestors but had sinned and was living according to his sin nature. Lot had moved to Sodom despite knowing what it was, and he "sat in the gate" (Genesis 19:1).

Nonetheless, whether we comprehend it or not, our obligation to God is to follow Him, to trust Him, and to submit to His will. Lot did what he did because he decided to live in his old sin nature and do what was easy, and he chose to flirt with evil rather than live to glorify God.

What did the Angel of the Lord say to Abraham?

And the LORD's angel appeared to the lady, saying, "Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not; but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son..." Don't forget to entertain strangers, for some have unwittingly entertained angels. Three. If anyone says to you, 'Look, the kingdom is at hand!' - if those people say this, don't believe them. "The kingdom is at hand!" are words that must be taken seriously. They cannot be used as an excuse for laziness. "The kingdom is at hand!" also means that heaven has come to earth. If someone tells you that the world will end tomorrow, go ahead and laugh at him. If someone claims to see an angel, tell him it's fake news. Angels don't exist! Angels really do watch over us, so if you feel like you're being watched, turned around, or otherwise pursued by a heavenly being, you should probably run away as fast as you can because an angel is chasing you.

That's all the advice I can give you on how to recognize an angel. Remember: angels aren't scary, they're just helpers who want to help. As Christians, we know that angels live with God in his kingdom, so there's no reason for us to fear them.

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