What does Antony promise before the dead body of Caesar?

What does Antony promise before the dead body of Caesar?

Antony now confronts Caesar's departed spirit, pleading for forgiveness for reaching an agreement with the conspirators over his dead body. This act has made him despised by the people, who see it as a sign of weakness.

Antony promises that, if Caesar's ghost is willing to listen, he will never again make any pact with the enemy.

This answer makes sense in context; it is what anyone would say if they were standing in front of Caesar's body. However, since we know that Antony went on to make several more agreements with the enemies after this one, this statement was most likely not true.

It is possible that Antony tried to fool the people by pretending to change his ways, but later reverted back to being weak. Or perhaps he really did change his ways and decided not to make any more agreements with the enemies, but then soon after changed his mind again. Or maybe he was just trying to be nice out of respect for Caesar's memory. None of these options are possible to know for sure without more information being given in the text.

What did Antony do at Caesar’s funeral?

Antony requests permission to carry the body to the Forum and deliver a funeral oration. Brutus agrees, but Cassius advises him not to grant permission. Antony does so anyway and delivers one of the most famous speeches in history: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears... I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."

After this act, many of Caesar's supporters began to turn against Antony. Some feared that he would be next in line after Caesar's death. Others believed that he had betrayed them. Even so, Antony continued to gain support from people all over Rome. He had been one of the only allies left after Caesar's murder, and they saw him as their leader.

In 31 BC, Mark Antony married Fulvia, who was several years younger than himself. They had three children together: a son named Antonius (who eventually became emperor like his father) and two daughters named Cleopatra and Julia. In 29 BC, Mark Antony led an army into Greece to fight against King Augustus' successor, Octavian, but it wasn't until 26 BC that the conflict came to an end with Antony making peace with Octavian.

Why does Mark Antony ask Caesar’s corpse for forgiveness?

He begs Caesar's forgiveness for being compassionate with his killers. Antony predicts that civil unrest would erupt in the aftermath of Caesar's death, resulting in widespread devastation. He forecasts that as long as the heinous crime of Caesar's death goes unpunished, Caesar's ghost would seek vengeance, causing turmoil throughout Rome. To prevent this, he proposes that Caesar be given a public funeral and declared king. This will allow Caesar to rest in peace and also provide him with a successor who could take over after his death.

Antony reasons that since Caesar was great enough to earn both my love and hate, there can be no justice without his death. Without Caesar, everything is possible, so he must die.

Mark Antony makes two important points in his oration before Caesar's body: first, that all crimes should be punished; second, that only a supreme ruler can ensure justice is done. He believes that if Caesar is granted a public burial and honored with a royal funeral, then perhaps his soul will find peace.

Caesar was a powerful man who had many enemies. Antony fears that if he were to live out his life under Rome's current government system, he would not be allowed to die in peace. Antony knows that only a monarchy can guarantee justice for everyone, so he proposes that Caesar be given a royal funeral.

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