What does the Bible say about Noah bringing the flood?

What does the Bible say about Noah bringing the flood?

He did not spare the old world, but saved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others when he unleashed a flood on the world of the ungodly. And you must bring two of every type of living thing of all flesh into the ark to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. So God made everything well again after the flood.

This story takes place in the ancient country of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). In this story, the LORD saves only eight people from the flood: Noach (Noah) himself, his wife, Sarah, their three sons — Shem, Ham, and Japheth — and two animals of each species. The LORD had told Noah that people would start to fill the earth again after the flood, so Noah was ready for more humans. But there are still only eight people on the entire planet! 8 out of how many? ; A list of the names of everyone who has ever lived, including both men and women. Here are the names of the eight people saved from the flood: Noach, his wife, Sarah; Their three sons — Shem, Ham, and Japheth; and Two animals of each species.

In conclusion, the Bible says that Noah preached righteousness during his life and then went on to live after the flood as an example to anyone who would listen.

What is the story of Noah and the ark?

Noah was commanded to build an ark from which the stocks might be refilled, and in line with God's orders, he brought inside the ark male and female specimens of all the world's animal species. As a result, the whole surviving human species is said to be derived from Noah's three sons. The story of Noah's flood and the ark it contains is told in the book of Genesis within the Old Testament.

The account is set in the Middle East around 4500 B.C. It begins with the order from God himself through his angel to Noah, who is living at the time in the city of Eden, which is probably located in present-day Iraq. God tells Noah that he is going to destroy all life on Earth with a great flood and instructs him to build an ark to save any chosen animals from this disaster.

Noah sets about building the ark according to specifications given by God's angel. When it is completed, he brings every kind of bird and animal to live on board including himself. The flood waters rise and after seven months have passed, the flood has subsided. All the creatures that were saved from the flood by means of the ark come out of it healthy and fertile, and there are still many animals left over that weren't taken on board the ark. So God makes a covenant with Noah that never again will such a flood as the one that destroyed everything be done.

What does the Bible say about Noah and his sons?

7-9. Because of the floodwaters, Noah and his sons, as well as his wife and his sons' spouses, boarded the ark. Clean animals and unclean animals, birds and everything that moves on the ground entered the ark with Noah in pairs, male and female, as God had directed. 9. The door of the ark was closed and made secure with pitch inside and out. 10. Then the floodgates of the heaven were opened by Yahweh, and rain fell upon earth for forty days and forty nights.

11. Now this is how you are to relate to your neighbor who lives next door: You must take care to work together for the good of both of you. Never do anything that would cause your neighbor to hate you. 12. In fact, show him kindness and respect so that he will love you back. He who hates his brother is a murderer, and you have been given power and authority to kill murderers.

13. Who is supposed to go into the ark? Those chosen by lot from all the clean animals along with two of each kind of bird. 14. And what happens to those who remain outside? They too will be saved during the flood, an entire world!

15. So keep watch over your heart with the Lord, then you will gain understanding in your mind and become righteous in his sight.

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