What do the Synoptic Gospels say about the temple?

What do the Synoptic Gospels say about the temple?

Clearing the Temple by Jesus In the synoptic gospels, it is Jesus' participation in cleansing the temple (see Mark 11 and parallels) that the gospel authors highlight as the last climactic action that convinced the Jewish rulers that he had to be killed. Jesus' actions caused a great uproar among the people, who demanded that he be put to death (see Luke 23).

In John 2:14-22, Jesus makes another appearance in the temple. This time he is talking with the Jews who have come to see him. They are asking him questions about how it is that he can claim to be God's son when even the priests who work in the temple believe he is not human. Jesus tells them that he has already explained everything to his Father and that they should trust him just as they trust the priests (see John 10:38).

Finally, in Matthew 24:15, Jesus warns his disciples that if the temple were destroyed then he would raise it again on the third day. This prophecy was likely given during one of his visits to Jerusalem while he was teaching in the temple area - probably around the time the temple was being built. Since the temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, this must have been before 69 AD.

Jesus did not mean for his followers to destroy the temple after he died.

How does the Temple relate to Jesus?

As he preached, Jesus used the Temple metaphorically to foretell his death and resurrection: "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will build it up," he stated. But, via his death, Jesus tore down that barrier, implying, among other things, that all people may now enter God's presence. Indeed, through Christ anyone who believes can have their sins forgiven, be given eternal life, and go to heaven when they die.

Jesus also used the Temple metaphorically to explain the coming of the Kingdom of God: "But go to Jerusalem and see what will happen there! The Holy City is going to be destroyed forever." Jesus was saying that although the physical Temple would be destroyed, his spiritual kingdom would never cease to exist.

Finally, Jesus used the language of destruction to talk about his own death: "I tell you the truth, no one who puts his faith in me will ever be disappointed." Jesus was saying that because those who follow him trust in his perfect love for them, then he will give them power over sin and death.

Through his death, Jesus destroyed the boundary that separated Jews from Gentiles, rich from poor, free from slave, but he also raised this boundary so that none could again be separated into hostile groups.

In short, the Temple served as a model for how Jesus wanted us to live our lives.

What does the Bible say about the temple?

We have learnt from the Scriptures that the temple represents Christ's body, which was destroyed by crucifixion on Calvary and resurrected again on the third day by God's power. His body, which has been risen from the dead, is the temple in which God's Holy Spirit resides. Jesus said in John 2:21 that "He who believes in me will never die". This shows that those who believe in Him will not perish but will be saved forever.

The temple also teaches us that religion without morality is meaningless. Morality is important because it is through our actions that we show love to others. Love is the key to success and happiness in this life and the next. Without love you are nothing, even to yourself.

Love is an emotion that can be felt rather than just thought. It makes us care for others even when they do not deserve it. The Bible says that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). This means that God desires to give eternal love to everyone who believes in Him, as shown by how He sacrificed His only Son for our sins.

Faith in Jesus Christ leads to salvation, which is an unconditional gift from God. This means that regardless of what we do after we accept Jesus Christ we will always be saved. Our faith determines how much God can do through us. If you have faith in Jesus Christ, you will go to heaven when you die.

What does the Bible say about the temple miracle?

When the temple's High Priest learns of Christ's miracle (unbeknownst to him), he makes a prophecy that Jesus' one life must be cut short in order for the rest of the country to be saved (John 11:49-52). Only his words would bear witness to the genuine nature and aim of Jesus' ministry.

Christ's purpose was not to add to the law but to fulfill it. His sacrifice brings peace with God, salvation from sin, and an eternal home with Him in heaven.

What does the Bible say about Jesus leaving the temple?

And as Jesus walked out of the temple, his followers approached him to show him the temple's architecture. 2 "See ye not all these things?" Jesus asked to them. True, I say to you, not a single stone shall be left upon another; it shall not be thrown down. 3 "Nor do they who build houses add anything to their foundation," Jesus said. "If anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, or precious stones, he will be called a thief, and his work will be thrown down." 4 Jesus left them speechless.

According to John, after saying this Jesus went into the temple area, but he did not go into the sanctuary itself because that was not legal for him to do. Rather, he just looked at it from outside the temple. Then his followers came to him and asked him what this statement meant. They wanted to know if Jesus was telling them not to add anything to the temple structure or not. If we look at the original language of John, it seems like Jesus was telling his followers not to add something to the temple.

However, later on in history, some people added rooms onto their temples and called it beautification. Jesus told his followers not to do this too. Apparently, this is what Jesus was talking about when he said that nothing should be added to the temple structure.

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