What would happen if there was no written constitution in India?

What would happen if there was no written constitution in India?

As a result, there would be a lot of disorder and uncertainty if there was no written constitution. Administration, justice, and other functions would be impossible to sustain in a large country like ours. Because there is no adequate control, there will be violence and many other concerns.

How did America get its written Constitution? The founders decided to write one up because they wanted to give the government structure and guidelines. All of this was necessary because there were many issues about which people had different opinions. By writing them down, the founders could address these differences and build a country that was strong enough to survive.

Why is it important for South Africa to have a written constitution? In order to keep democracy working properly, there has to be an agreed set of rules by which everyone can play. Without this, chaos would reign supreme and nothing would be able to be done effectively by our government.

The current system in place in South Africa is called "constitutional monarchy". This means that there is a king or queen who is also the head of state but they do not make any decisions by themselves. Instead, they invite others to make decisions on their behalf. Representatives of the people then choose someone who will make these decisions on their behalf.

This process is called "elections". Every few years, all of the countries citizens vote for their preferred people who will run the government.

What would have happened if the Constitution had not been written?

There would be no rules and regulations if there is no constitution. Because the Constitution is the wellspring of laws, without it, the people will be denied justice and a chaotic condition will reign. In the lack of a constitution, a country will struggle to survive in the long run.

In conclusion, without a constitution, there would be no rule of law and thus no stability in society. The world's oldest existing government system was designed in the United States and it has served as an example for others to follow.

What would happen if the Constitution were abolished?

To do away with the Constitution would be to do away with the legal underpinning for the three arms of government. The United States of America, which introduced the world to genuine democracy (despite the fact that we are a republic, not a democracy), would become a dictatorship. There would be no more constitutional checks and balances on power - whoever had it wanted would be able to do whatever they wanted.

The Constitution was designed by our founders to protect our freedoms. They knew from experience that democracies tend to lose their freedoms over time, but they believed that the American people were too free-thinking to let this happen. So the Constitution creates a system where freedom can be preserved even in times of political turmoil by preventing one person from being able to seize total power.

If the Constitution were abolished, there would be nothing to stop someone who became president or leader of a majority party in Congress from turning America into a dictatorship. They could decide at any time to go against the will of the people and enact laws without consulting them, lock up political opponents, start wars on a whim, etc. The only thing standing in their way is another branch of government - the military - and even this wouldn't always be enough because there are times when all three branches of government must agree for something to happen. If there were no other safeguard, then America would be doomed to suffer under a dictator forever.

What would happen if the original Constitution was destroyed?

Though the Constitution was written on paper in its initial form, it survives as a notion rather than a piece of paper. The document may be destroyed, but it would have no effect on the Constitution's existence or legality as the fundamental law of the United States.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It can only be changed by doing so through the process of amending the Constitution. These amendments must then be ratified by the required number of states to make the change official. As long as there are states that believe they have a right to amend the Constitution, then it cannot be considered permanent legislation.

If the Constitution were completely destroyed, including all copies thereof, there would be nothing to prevent its creation again. However, because the Constitution has survived even after many changes have been made to it, it can be said that it is not necessary for the Constitution to be alive in order for it to be effective.

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