What is a vassal country?

What is a vassal country?

A vassal state is any state that has a mutual responsibility to a superior state or empire, akin to the status of a vassal under medieval Europe's feudal system. The term "vassal state" was coined during the Cold War to describe countries that have a relationship with one superpower but are not independent states.

Vassals are obligated to provide military assistance to their lord when requested to do so. If they fail to do so, they lose their status as a vassal. Likewise, if their lord fails to give them protection, they are free to go and join another lord who will take them in.

Thus, a vassal state is something like a junior partner or colony of its more powerful neighbor. Although they are not allowed to negotiate treaties on their own, they can sign agreements called "protocols." These protocols usually include some kind of trade agreement that helps both parties benefit.

In exchange for military assistance and protection, vassals are expected to contribute troops when needed and pay an annual tribute to their lord. If they refuse to do so, they risk being punished by having their territory seized by the government of their super-power patron.

What was a vassal quizlet?

Vassal. A person who has made a mutual agreement with a lord or monarch. In exchange for fiefs, the duties included military support and mutual defense.

The word "vassal" comes from the Germanic term "wasta," which means "troop" or "company." Thus, a vassal is one who serves under a ruler or leader. The word is used in many languages around the world to describe a subordinate or tenant.

In England, France, and Germany, the word "vassal" was first used to describe a person who had sworn an oath of loyalty to another person or country. This type of vassal was called a "fealty vassal." They were required to serve their liege lord in battle if needed. If their lord was killed, they would be free to go wherever they wanted, but they would still be expected to honor their pledge of loyalty by seeking out a new lord.

Later, the word "vassal" was used to describe any person who was not only loyal to his lord, but also owed him service and money.

What is the vassalage system?

Vassalage is a feudal system in which one is obligated to obey their lord or king. When necessary, the responsibility may take the form of military assistance or mutual protection in exchange for particular benefits.

In medieval Europe, the vassal state was the relationship between two countries that entered into an agreement called a "fealty contract". The ruler of the higher-ranking country would be called its "vassal", while the ruler of the lower-ranking country would be called its "servant". Vassals were expected to defend and support their lords in times of war and other difficulties and to pay them tribute when possible. If a vassal failed to do so, they could be declared out of fealty and their territory might be taken over by another lord.

In English law, a vassal is a person who has been granted certain rights by another person (usually but not always a lord). Those rights are usually related to land ownership or administration. A vassal can also refer to a person who is subject to the authority of someone else; for example, a domestic servant is a vassal of her master or mistress.

The word "vassal" comes from the Latin term vasallus, which in turn comes from the Old French term vaillant.

What does a vassal do in Medieval 2: Total War?

In the Total War series, the Vassal system is a gameplay mechanism. Vassals are factions that are protected by other factions. They give up military access and a percentage of their money in return for this protection.

Vassals can become independent countries or remain under their protectors. This depends on several factors such as popularity, wealth, influence, and loyalty. If a country loses all its friends, then it will have no choice but to declare independence.

There are two types of vassals: friendly and hostile.

A friendly vassal will help you with your goals and work with you to achieve common victories. They will also join you in wars against enemies they don't hate too much. A hostile vassal will try to defeat you, work separately from you, or ally themselves with another faction if they think it will be beneficial for them. Hostile vassals cannot be trusted and should be treated with caution.

Once you have formed an alliance with a vassal, they will become your friend and work with you to conquer new lands. You will also receive advice from them on political issues such as legislation, treaties, and charters.

If they see you as a threat instead, they will try to defeat you. They will also stop giving you advice on politics.

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