What is an example of race and ethnicity?

What is an example of race and ethnicity?

Brown, white, or black skin (all from different regions of the world) is an example of race, whereas German or Spanish origin (independent of color) or Han Chinese is an example of ethnicity. Your race is decided by how you seem, but your ethnicity is established by the social and cultural groups to which you belong. For example, someone can be both white and American, so their race is white and their ethnicity is American.

Race and ethnicity are two separate things that can either be shared or not shared. So, for example, a person can be white and American without being able to speak with anyone outside of her family because she is isolated in America away from everyone else who is white and American. On the other hand, someone can be part of a racial group and have families outside of this group. So, this person would share her ethnicity with them even if she didn't share her race with them.

In America, the majority of people study both race and ethnicity in school. This is important because without knowing about these things others could make judgments based on your race or ethnicity. For example, someone could think you're funny because you're brown, or assume you can't read or write because you're black.

There are two main types of races/ethnicities: racial categories and ethnic groups. A racial category is a way of grouping people based on physical characteristics, such as having black hair and dark skin.

What is an example of an ethnicity?

Ethnicity, on the other hand, relates to cultural aspects such as nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language. Ethnic groups can be divided up further by their location or history of migration.

An example of an ethnicity that is also a race is the Irish American population which is made up of people of Irish descent whether they speak Irish or not. This group would be considered both an ethnic group and a racial group.

Another example is the Hispanic population which includes people of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South American, or any other Latino background. This group would be considered both an ethnic group and a racial group because of its origins in Europe and the presence of Europeans in the New World. However, if we were to divide the Hispanic population into two groups: one consisting of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans and the other consisting of everyone else (including Cubans, South Americans, etc.), then this would be an example of an ethnic group containing multiple races.

Some ethnic groups may contain only one race. For example, there are no Black Hispanics or White Hispanics. However, most ethnic groups do contain at least two races. For example, there are Mexicans who have dark skin and Mexicans who have light skin.

What is the difference between race, creed, and ethnicity?

Race refers to phenotypic features such as skin color, whereas ethnicity refers to cultural variables such as nationality, tribal membership, religion, language, and customs of a certain group. Race and ethnicity are different concepts. A person can be of any single race but still identify primarily with one ethnic group-for example, an African American who also identifies strongly as black. Ethnicity is usually based on physical traits, language, culture, and history. For example, an Irish American might describe himself as white and American.

People often use race and ethnicity interchangeably, but they are different categories of information. It is possible to know your racial background, for example, by looking at your family tree. This would include things like how many great-grandparents you have from each country in the world. Knowing your ethnicity, on the other'th'other hand, requires knowing something about each of your ancestors. For example, if one of your grandparents was German and the other was English, then you could say that you are half-German and half-English.

Racial identity can affect what people think of you after you die. If you or someone you know has been the victim of racism, this should not be a factor in determining how you are treated when you come before God during your time on earth.

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