What is Shilgram Mala?

What is Shilgram Mala?

The Shaligram Mala bestows enormous wealth and excellent health on the wearer. Some of its immediate impacts include peace of mind and protection. It is said to be extremely auspicious. Wearing a tiny Shree Shaligram mala bestows exceptional protection and a tranquil environment on the devotee. It is very useful in times of need or emergency.

The Shaligram mala is a holy thread worn by Hindus. The word itself means "auspicious mark" or "token". It is believed that wearing this sacred thread will attract good luck and prosperity. The tradition of wearing shaligrams dates back many years with some texts suggesting that it should be done while still an embryo in the mother's womb. Others say it should be done when you come of age. There are several stories associated with the origin of this tradition. One story says that a king who had everything he wanted threw a gold coin into the river Godavari because he did not want to wear it. Out of respect for the coin, the god Vishnu took on human form and retrieved it. He then hung the coin around the King's neck as a holy thread that would bring him all his wishes.

People all over India wear shaligrams. They can be seen hanging from chains around the necks of Hindu gods, saints, and teachers.

What is the use of shaligram stone?

It is the most prized stone among Vishnu Bhakts. The Shaligram is the most sacred stone in Vaishnava devotion, and it is used to worship Vishnu. Shree Shaligram is worshiped in Shastra for six life values: righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures, and spiritual benefit.

Shaligrams are found all over India in temples, on mountain tops, under trees, and in other holy places. They show us that god is everywhere and within everything, even in small objects. Thus, Shaligram helps us to concentrate on the divine within as well as without.

Shaligrams have many powers which come through their depiction of God's form. These include healing power, removal of obstacles, success in wars, victory in court cases, and happiness in marriage. They can be worn as a necklace or placed in the home. It is said that if you keep one in your room, you will be free from illness and have plenty of money too!

People from all walks of life visit Shaligram cities to pray for relief from suffering, improvement in career, and security for their families. Some come only to see the miracle of these stones which grow even after being cut from the mountainside.

Shaligrams are worshipped with prayers, hymns, and liturgies.

What is the significance of shaligram?

Shaligram is a precious black stone that is highly revered by Vaishnavas. They think Lord Vishnu himself lives there. It can only be found in Nepal on the Gandaki River. This location is claimed to have been the Lord's residence millions of years ago. The stone was important to them because it was believed that when the king of heaven smears his body with sacred ash, this marks the beginning of a new cycle or kalpa and allows for future rebirths.

According to myth, when the god Brahma created the world, he also created eight precious stones which had magical properties. Three of these stones - ruby, sapphire and emerald - were given to Manu, the first man. The other five gems - diamond, pearl, topaz, moonstone and jade - were hidden by Brahma as gifts for human beings when they showed moral conduct. Of these gems, only the Shaligram gets its name after the river on which it is found; the others are known as panchaloha-mala in Hindi.

Shaligrams are used in temple rituals, religious books and paintings. They are considered powerful objects that can remove sins, solve problems, bring prosperity and attract love. Some people even eat them! The stone is said to have amazing healing powers and can be an antidote for many poisons.

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