What is the value of a Remington 270?

What is the value of a Remington 270?

A 270 WIN RIFLE'S PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A 270 WIN rifle now sells for an average of $853.86 new and $745.98 used. The 12-month average price is $785.63 for new and $704.96 for used vehicles. Over the last year, the new value of a 270 WIN rifle has increased by $94.37 to $853.86. The used value, on the other hand, has decreased by $36.62 to $740.26.

The historical cost of a Remington 270 WIN was $567.95 in 1970. This means that it would have been worth $20,514.25 today. This reflects the fact that inflation accelerates over time so if you want to know how much something is worth today, you need to compare it to another source of income instead of using a single point in time as a reference.

A Remington 270 WIN is an excellent choice for hunting small game such as squirrels, rabbits, and pheasants. It can also be used for shooting clay targets at gun ranges. Although not designed for shooting deer, hunters often use their 270 WIN rifles when pursuing smaller game or target shooting.

People who want a versatile firearm that allows them to take advantage of opportunities while still having one ready to go if necessary can enjoy a 270 WIN rifle. They provide users with confidence when hunting anything from small game to deer because there's no need to switch guns out during different types of hunts or seasons.

What is a Browning A-Bolt 300 win mag worth?

What is the value of a BROWNING 300 MAG rifle? A Browning 300 MAG rifle presently sells for $1,055.98 new and $1,012.38 used. These prices include the 243 WIN MAG cartridge and the Browning A-Bolt action rifle. The B300 BLK variant with black furniture can be had from Browning for $980.00 new and $892.50 used.

The value of your gun will depend on how much it cost new and what condition it is in. The average price of a used Browning B300 BLK rifle is about $750.00, so yours could be worth close to that if it's in good condition. Guns can differ greatly though, so just because one site says it's worth $750.00 doesn't mean that it's not worth more or less than that at another shop. Also, some shops may choose to sell used guns at lower prices just like new ones - especially if they are overstocked or don't have any history on them. You should always check several sites to get an idea of what your gun is worth before you decide to sell it.

Here are some other things to consider when valuing your gun: quality of wood, condition of the metal, number of parts, functionality (does it fire straight?)... The list goes on.

How much is a BROWNING BLR 308?


$1,525.00308 WIN BLR 81 BROWNING LT WT ’81 LEVER ACTION RIFLE 20” 01 023614259602 20 INCH BARREL

What is a 308 Browning rifle worth?

THE BROWNING BLR 308 RIFLE'S PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A Browning BLR-308 rifle presently sells for $1,235.82 new and $1,143.27 used. It was first offered for sale in 1998 and since then have been sold in small numbers. There are two main variants of the BLR. One has a 24" barrel with fixed front sight and folding rear sight. The other has a 26" barrel with adjustable front and rear sights. Both were chambered in 7mm BRNO (Browning's own designation for.308 Winchester).

A BLR can be very valuable depending on its condition. An average condition gun will be worth about $900 to $1000 while a well-kept example could sell for as much as $1750 or more.

This particular model has had some wear from previous owners but it still runs perfectly. Its bore is clean and there are no signs of corrosion. The wood is showing some minor dings but other than that it is a solid shooter. This rifle has always been stored in a case so it's not exposed to the elements. I would estimate this gun is worth between $1200 and $1500.

How much is a Remington muzzleloader worth?

What is the value of a Remington 700 MUZZLELOADER rifle? A new REMINGTON 700 MUZZLELOADER rifle costs an average of $1,276.16 while a used rifle costs $528.45. The value of this particular firearm is $3,895.55.

The price range for these rifles varies depending on the model and the features included. An example rifle from the catalog may cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more. However, most fall in the $1,000 to $4,999 range. There are typically fewer than 100 parts that go into each gun, so there will be less variation in price between different models.

These estimates do not include scope, bayonet or other accessories. These items can increase the price of your rifle significantly. Also, some models are available with optional laser sights or compass sights for an additional cost.

Overall, the value of a muzzleloader rifle depends on how many shots it will fire, how accurate it is, and how much wood it can handle. Higher-end models tend to be more accurate and can take heavier loads. Those factors will increase their cost but also increase their value. On the other hand, cheaper models may be fine for shooting deer but not very accurate and could not handle heavy loads. In this case, they would be better suited for small game hunting.

What is a Remington 770 7mm mag worth?

A Remington 770 rifle is presently valued at $378.92 new and $312.50 used. The 12-month average price is $378.92 for new and $312.17 for used vehicles. These values are based on data from over 1,000 people who have bought or sold a used vehicle in the past year.

The value of your gun will depend on its condition, such as number of shots that can be fired before refilling, any major repairs needed, type of wood used for stock, and more. Additionally, how well it shoots will affect its value. If you need help determining its value, consider having a professional appraiser assess the gun to give you an accurate estimate.

Remington made several variations of the Model 770 rifle. The one we're discussing here has a checkered walnut stock and hand-fitted barrel. It also comes with two 30-round magazines and a leather case. The model name appears on the side of the barrel just above the trigger guard. To learn more about other models, visit our Remington page.

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