What kind of government do we have in Wales?

What kind of government do we have in Wales?

A devolved government with a First Minister, Cabinet, and elected parliament that meets at Cardiff Bay at the Senedd building. Welsh and English (Wales is a bilingual country). Cities: Wales presently has six cities. They are Cardiff, Newport, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Why are there different kinds of governments in Britain?

After the Act of Union 1707, which merged the kingdoms of England and Scotland into one country, there was no need for a king or queen to govern both countries so they ended up with separate systems of government. The British government is formally called the "United Kingdom Government". It is a federal government made up of four branches: executive, legislature, judiciary. Each country has its own government and laws they can decide what role they want to play with regards to international affairs and politics.

Who runs transport for Wales?

Government of Wales: The Welsh Government is the principal government body responsible for planning and managing transport in Wales. It does this by setting policy, funding projects through its budget, and issuing regulations to ensure that these projects are delivered. The Minister for Local Government and Transport is Mark Drakeford (Plaid Cymru), who also holds the office of First Minister.

First Minister's Office: The First Minister is the political leader of the Welsh Government and is elected by the members of the Welsh Assembly. Carwyn Jones was first elected as First Minister in 2016, after serving since 2014 as Culture Secretary in the Cabinet of Wales. He replaced Rhodri Glyn Thomas, who had become Health Secretary following the resignation of John Griffiths to take up a post with Paddy Power. Prior to entering politics, Jones was an actor, director, and writer. He has been praised for his role in promoting Welsh language culture in Wales.

Welsh Assembly: The Welsh Assembly is the lower house of the National Assembly for Wales. It consists of 60 AMs, one member for every 50,000 people in Wales, elected using proportional representation. The Assembly meets at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Does Wales have its own parliament?

The Welsh Parliament (Welsh pronunciation: ['sened' [email protected] ri]) is Wales' devolved, unicameral legislature. Following the outcome of the 1997 referendum, the Government of Wales Act 1998 established a National Assembly for Wales. The assembly consists of 60 members who are elected using the Additional Members System. The majority of whom represent single-member electoral divisions called constituencies.

The current assembly was elected on 4 May 2016. It is composed of the 30 members of the previous assembly and the 30 new members elected by proportional representation. The first election used the same system as the UK general election: individual candidates standing in constituencies with fixed boundaries. Voting took place across Wales on 3 April 2016. The new assembly met for the first time on 9 July 2016.

In terms of power, the Assembly has the ability to make laws subject only to certain exceptions, such as whether or not to accept EU law. It can also amend existing laws and create new ones. As well as having control over its own budget, the Assembly has influence over local government finances and can modify local government structures.

Wales does not have its own military but works with the United Kingdom's Armed Forces through NATO and the UN. However, under the terms of the Government of Wales Act 1998, responsibility for national security lies with the Westminster Parliament which can declare war or authorize military action.

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