What reasons does Malcolm give for being a bad king?

What reasons does Malcolm give for being a bad king?

Malcolm claims he is lusty, selfish, and has no desire to be king. When Macduff thinks that Malcolm's finer traits might outweigh his vices, he responds, "But I have none." Malcolm makes it quite evident that he would be a terrible king. He refuses to fight for himself or his country when offered the chance and instead hopes that someone else will do so.

Malcolm was never interested in ruling Scotland. He believes that since he is not Scottish, he cannot be king. Malcolm also believes that since God has denied him an heir, he should not be forced to rule over a nation of people.

Malcolm also shows lack respect for the English by refusing their offer to help him become king. The English king offers to make Malcolm his son if he will stop claiming his own rights as an independent ruler. This indicates that Malcolm views himself better than the English king who is only offering him a title with no power.

Finally, Malcolm shows lack of faith in God by refusing to accept Jesus as his personal savior. Malcolm believes that since God has refused to bless him with an heir, he should not be required to pray to Him. Instead, he uses his powers as a king to secure his throne without asking God for help.

This shows that Malcolm was a self-centered man who cared about nothing but himself.

How does Malcolm feel about being king?

Malcolm puts Macduff to the test by accusing him of being selfish, dishonest, and possessed of nearly every fault. Malcolm then remarks that a good king must be dedicated, kind, truthful, and courageous. He goes on to say that he is ready to serve his country as a good king.

Malcolm's attitude toward kingship is one of devotion and service. He knows that to be a good king, you have to be more than just rich and powerful; you have to be honest, brave, and kind as well.

In conclusion, Malcolm says that he is willing to give up his life for his people but will never betray them. This shows that he believes that kingship is not only a job for life but also a sacred trust that anyone should be able to honor.

Is Malcolm a good king?

Malcolm would make an excellent king, in my opinion. Despite his youth, he is extraordinarily intelligent and level-headed. When Macbeth murders his father, he flees the realm to raise an army, and then he tempts Macduff by insinuating that he would be a terrible ruler, to determine whether he can truly trust Macduff. He decides he can do it. Thus begins their alliance. When Macbeth becomes king, he realizes that he cannot defeat Malcolm alone, so he hires Scottish rebels to help him. However, when they fail, he has them executed. Then he turns on Malcolm, but before they can fight, Macduff returns with an army and defeats both Macbeth and Malcolm. After this incident, Macduff encourages Malcolm to become king.

Malcolm is a great king who leads his people well. He manages the government of Scotland properly and ensures peace throughout his kingdom. He doesn't waste his time fighting wars or hunting animals, which are things that most kings did. He is very wise and knows what needs to be done in order to protect his people.

Yes, Malcolm is a good king. He's young, but he has proven himself worthy of the throne. He's intelligent and reasonable, and he keeps his people safe and secure. Most important of all, he loves his people enough to want to lead them. This is something many kings weren't willing to do.

What reasons does Malcolm give as proof that he would be a worse ruler than Macbeth?

Malcolm attempts to persuade Macduff that he would be a worse dictator than Macbeth by providing him with several reasons to believe so. Macduff then offers that Malcolm has better traits that would offset the bad ones, but Malcolm denies having any in order to put Macduff's allegiance to the test.

In conclusion, he says that he can think of no reason why Macduff shouldn't be as evil as the rest if he shares their nature, which proves that he would be a worse ruler than Macbeth.

Here are the reasons given:

1 He is young and will make mistakes while Macbeth did not (although this could also be said of many other rulers who have been called "unworthy" of their position).

2 He is kind-hearted (true), but not wise or strong enough to rule over people as vicious as the Scots (false).

3 He cannot be as evil as the others because he has his virtues (true).

4 If he is as evil as they are, then there is no need for a king at all (false).

5 His actions will show whether he is truly evil or not (true).

Why does Malcolm tell Macduff that when he becomes king?

When Malcolm becomes king, why does he tell Macduff that? Malcolm admits to Macduff that he suffers from paranoia. "Wants to put Macduff's allegiance to the test." He wants to see how far he can go before Macduff refuses him. So, by telling Macduff that when he is king he will have his head delivered to him on a plate, Malcolm is telling Macduff that if anything should happen to him then Macduff has orders to kill Malcolm.

Malcolm knows that Macbeth is not responsible for Glamis' murder and doesn't deserve to suffer for it. So, he tells Macduff that if anything should happen to him, then Scotland would be in good hands with Macduff as king.

Macduff agrees to this and promises to do everything he can to protect Malcolm's son John. From here on, they feel more comfortable with each other and Macduff tells Malcolm that he will help him in any way he can. Malcolm replies that he is grateful to Macduff for his loyalty and says that he will always be there for him if needed.

Later on, after King James I of Scotland dies, Macduff goes to see Malcolm who has just been crowned as king.

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