What strain is Gorilla Goo?

What strain is Gorilla Goo?

Gorilla Goo is an indica-dominant strain with a pleasant pine aroma combined with spice overtones. Its ancestors are Gorilla Blue and Goo, which gives it the well-known "GG" aroma. The taste profile of Gorilla Goo is a delightful combination of blueberries and red fruits. High in CBD and low in THC, this variety is perfect for anyone looking for a pain reliever without getting high.

Gorilla Goo was first bred by David Bien's BioLogics Research Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia. This strain was created through crossbreeding between two other strains: Gorilla Blue and God's Gift. David Bien started out by purchasing seeds from local farmers who were growing various types of cannabis. He then selected the best plants and crossed them to create new varieties that could be used for medical purposes.

Gorilla Goo should be grown indoors in soil or hydroton. It needs a medium light intensity and a temperature range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 degrees at night. Water it regularly and apply fertilizer once a month.

This strain is great for treating pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety. It can also be used as incense because of its blueberry scent.

Gorilla Goo was first discovered by accident in 2004 when one of David Bien's employees made some hybridizations in his laboratory and left the room for a few minutes.

Does Gorilla Glue smell bad?

Although it varies by genotype, all Gorilla Glue cuts should have powerful, skunky aromas with earthy tones—think Sour Diesel and some damp dirt. The indica-dominant strain (#1) may smell more like bubble gum, whilst the sativa-dominant strain (#4) would smell more like pine trees. Either way, they're going to smell pretty damn good.

Gorilla Glue can be used as a room deodorizer because of this attribute. It's also useful in hiding other smells such as that of marijuana.

However, due to its musky odor, you should avoid letting others sleep in rooms that have been glued together with bed sheets. Also, because it can become an environmental hazard if not disposed of properly, try to keep glue sticks away from children and pets.

Overall, Gorilla Glue has very distinct smells that can be used to create various experiences. However, it may not be the best choice for those looking for a natural product.

What strain is Gorilla Cookie?

Gorilla Cookies is a hybrid sativa-leaning strain. It was created by crossing OG Kush with an unknown, but likely Mexican or Central American sativa.

The effects of Gorilla Cookies are very similar to those of other strains of marijuana in the Kush family. It produces a greenish-white flower with purple highlights when grown indoors under fluorescent lights. The buds are covered in small hairs and have a woody smell and flavor. They can be harvested for medicine up until the flowering stage. Gorilla Cookies has a soothing effect on the mind and body and is perfect for treating pain related to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

Gorilla Cookies was first discovered by celebrity pot blogger Danny Danko. He named it after the famous gorilla sanctuary in France because of its calming influence on his mind and body. This popular strain is now being produced by many other growers too.

What strain is gorilla breath?

Humboldt Seed Organization created Gorilla Breath by crossing Original Glue with OGKB to create a hybrid with high resin production and a strong OG fragrance. You'll want to try this strain since it has a great flavor profile that includes notes of pine, gasoline, chocolate, and diesel. It's perfect for treating pain, depression, and anxiety.

Gorilla Breath was first produced in Humboldt County, California in 2001. It was originally called "Original Glue" before being renamed after the Humboldt Seed Company who developed it.

This strain has been praised for its flavor profile and therapeutic properties due to its high levels of CBD and THC. In fact, Gorilla Breath has more CBD than most strains and only contains between 15-20 percent THC. However, this doesn't mean you should eat too much of it if you're looking for a high.

The cannabis community has come up with various names for different strains of marijuana including Gorilla Breath. This name came about because of the heavy scent that comes from burning this strain which some say resembles that of a gorilla. However, this name could also be referring to the psychoactive effects of the strain itself since it produces a strong smell of glue when burned.

Gorilla Breath can make anyone hungry so we recommend eating something before smoking this strain. This will help reduce any possible stomach problems that may occur.

Is Gorilla Glue exotic?

GG Strains' Exotic Gorilla Glue is a strong hybrid strain that produces heavy-handed pleasure and relaxation, leaving you "glued" to the couch. It's a cross between Skunk #4 and Sour Diesel, which means it has the uplifting euphoria of Sour Diesel with the physicality of Skunk #4.

Exotic Gorilla Glue was first bred by Chris Lehman, a former chemist who developed the drug GG World Wide Web for his own use. He began growing marijuana as a hobby in 1991, after he read about medical marijuana in California. Wanting to try his hand at breeding cannabis, he crossed several strains together that produced a plant with huge, gluey buds and a high that lasted for many hours.

These days, Exotic Gorilla Glue is grown in central Washington State by two brothers named Jeff and Dan Stemler. They run a business called Green Candy Company, which sells medical marijuana patients' products including cooking oils, tinctures, and candy.

Exotic Gorilla Glue has a woody smell that gets stronger as it is burned. The flavor is very sour, almost like grape soda with a hint of skunk at the end.

What strain is Gorilla Glue 3?

Gorilla Glue, often known as Gorilla Glue # 3, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (60 percent indica/40 percent sativa) produced by combining the traditional Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel strains. Gorilla Glue was first sold by Seed Bank USA in 2001.

The original Gorilla Glue was named after its heavy use of chocolate and diesel fuel to make it grow tall and thick. Its seeds were first sold in 2001 by Seed Bank USA, who still sells them today. Since then, other companies have joined in the seed market with their own versions of this famous strain.

Gorilla Glue is known for its strong body effects but also produces clear-headed euphoria that makes it good for treating anxiety and insomnia. It has a high yield rate although it does require much light and heat to produce buds. The flavor of Gorilla Glue is like chocolate covered coffee beans with a hint of diesel fuel.

Gorilla Glue can be used with some success for medical purposes, especially when combined with other strains such as Girl Scout Cookie or Headband. The cannabis plant's chemical compounds are known to help cure cancer and alleviate pain, among other things. However, because each person's body reacts differently to drugs, only try experiments on yourself with the help of a qualified caregiver.

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