What will happen after Kalki Avatar?

What will happen after Kalki Avatar?

Kalki returns to Shambhala after annihilating the wicked and restoring the good. This symbolizes the conclusion of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Satya Yuga, a new cycle of existence. According to the Kalki Purana, Kalki then returns to heaven. Following that, a fresh cycle begins. The next time Kalki comes, so will the next world order.

In the aftermath of Kalki's return, people will live in peace and harmony. There will be no more need for religion as everyone will be united by common goals and philosophy. It is said that after this event, even the gods will abandon their heavens and come down to Earth.

However, not all traditions agree on when or how Kalki will reappear. Some say he will appear in a single day, while others say it will be over several years through various prophets.

Even though there are many differences of opinion about what happens after Kalki, they all agree on one thing: that he will end evil and injustice forever.

What will Kalki Avatar do?

Kalki (also known as Kalki is also said to have killed the demon Kali. The Puranas define Kalki as the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and most destructive time, removing adharma, and ushering in the Satya Yuga while riding a white horse and wielding a blazing sword. He will destroy all demons, free all souls from the cycle of death, and bring an end to human suffering) will appear when adharma reaches its peak. He will kill all demons and release all souls from their bodies so that they can take rebirth in a pure world where there is no karma to be cleared up.

In other words, Kalki will come when humanity is at its worst and needs him the most. However, he won't stop there - he will also clean up corruption in government institutions and police forces worldwide.

In addition, it's been suggested that he will also banish poverty, famine, war, disease, and injustice from the earth. Finally, he will establish a new system where humans can grow healthy foods in laboratories without soil or sunlight. This way, people can eat nutritious diets even if they don't have access to natural resources.

Some believe that Kalki will reappear every 5000 years or so. Others say he may not arrive for many thousands of years because nobody deserves such an amazing gift. Still others think he may never show up because we're all going to hell in a hand basket.

Which Avatar will come after Kalki?

According to the Agni Purana (16.10), Hari will travel to paradise after giving up the form of Kalki. Then the Krita or Satya-yuga will revert to its previous state. The Treta-yuga will follow, and so on until the Kali-yuga comes to an end and another new cycle begins with the arrival of Hari's next incarnation.

In other words, according to this text book of philosophy, there will be one final avatar of Vishnu before all beings are liberated from safflness. This last avatar is called Kalki. He will cleanse the planet of evil and let the good souls enter heaven. After that, everything will start over again and the cycle will continue forever.

Now, this may not be what actually happens in the future. However, it does show us that many believe that at some point in the distant future, a new avatar will appear who will complete what has been started by Kalki. This new avatar will bring about a new cycle of yugas which will eventually end when yet another new avatar appears...

So overall, this myth really depends on how you define "avatar". If you consider Kalki's mission to be finished once he destroys the demons, then yes, there will be no more avatars after him.

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