When did quality hardware make the M1 carbine?

When did quality hardware make the M1 carbine?

A brief web search found that the serial number places the manufacture date of this gun between September 1943 and May 1944. I don't know much about the maker, however I did find the following information online: Quality Hardware produced only one part: the receiver. They apparently had some difficulty producing those in large quantities so they contracted with the government for production. The first receivers were made at their plant in Southport, Connecticut but later they moved operations to a factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Both plants are still in operation today.

Quality Hardware was founded in 1932 by Carl Sensenbrenner and John Demsey. They wanted to create a company that made high-quality firearms at a reasonable price. Their first product was the Model 30 rifle which sold for $35 when it was released in the fall of 1933. By 1936, they had added several other models to their line including the Model 500 shotgun. In 1939, they introduced the Model 1500 rifle which sold for $125. This was nearly twice the price of most other guns of its time but many considered it worth it due to its quality construction.

In 1942, the United States government asked Quality Hardware if they would be interested in manufacturing small arms. At the time, most of the industry was focused on producing rifles for the military so this was a new market for them.

When was the Winchester Model 1892 carbine made?

Between 1892 and 1932, nearly 1,000,000 Model 1892s were produced. The carbine model was available until 1941. Your pistol was created in 1898 and is an antique, according to the serial number supplied. 1. a hunting rifle (24 inch barrel) 2. Elegant Sporting Rifle (24 inch barrel, checkering on pistol grip) 3. the carbine (20-inch barrel) 4. Commercial/Police Carbine (18-inch barrel, with or without a shoulder stock). 5. Farm Carbine (16-inch barrel, with or without a shoulder stock). 6. Target/Sports Carbine (12-14-inch barrel, with or without a shoulder stock)

The Model 1892 was designed by John Moses Browning, who also designed the M1911 pistol. It was one of his first designs to use a rotating bolt mechanism for its action. This allowed for easier cleaning and increased reliability over previous lever-action rifles. The Model 1892 used a fixed magazine that could hold 7 rounds at once.

It is known that around 1900, some manufacturers began modifying existing factory-made firearms by adding a shoulder stock to give the gun a more elegant look. In addition to the Model 1892, other popular models include the Henry, Marlin, and Remington. Each company changed the name of their rifle to match their own brand image at that time.

What is the serial number of the M1903 rifle?

Dates of Military Manufacture in the United States Rock Island Arsenal, United States Military M1903 Rifle: 1–445000 are the numbers covered. Please enter a serial number and then press the submit button. A background check will be performed to make sure that the number you entered is valid and exists within the database.

When did the Winchester M1 carbine come out?

Hello and welcome to the forum. You have an excellent Winchester M1 Carbine. I'd need to see the stamps on ALL of the parts, but based on your photos, you have an un-touched (non-rebuilt) original Winchester M1 Carbine. I've misplaced my Winchester Dates of Manufacture manual, but I believe yours is 1942/1943. The M1 carbine was replaced in 1951 by the M14 rifle which used many of the same components.

The M1 carbine was designed by John Moses Browning who also designed the M1911 pistol. The M1 carbine was introduced in 1938 and was meant to replace the 1932 short-barreled model 30 carbine as well as the older 1917 vintage M1917 machine gun. By the time production ended in 1943, over 6 million M1 carbines had been manufactured.

John Moses Browning also designed a shorter barreled version of the M1 called the Model 60. It was offered in both 12-gauge and 20-gauge configurations and was produced from 1960 to 1971. About 15,000 Model 60s were made.

The M1 carbine is considered by some to be the first real "assault weapon" since it had several advanced features including a collapsible stock, a hand-operated automatic dump valve, and a cross-bolt safety. These items either helped make the shooter more aware of his or her surroundings or prevented the shooter from being shot by accident.

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