Where did God tell Abraham to go?

Where did God tell Abraham to go?

Abram journeyed through the region all the way to Shechem, the location of the huge tree of Moreh. The Canaanites occupied the country at the time. The LORD came to Abram and said, "I will give this country to your children." As a result, he erected an altar to the LORD, who had appeared to him. Then Abram moved on with his life, never looking back.

The text tells us that Abram went up from Egypt but does not say exactly how. Did he travel there by himself or with others? We don't know. But he reached Shechem, which is in present-day Israel, so it seems he traveled there alone.

In any case, God told him to go to Shechem, where He would build an altar. There was already an altar there, built by Terah before he died. So Abram believed God, stopped what he was doing, and headed for Shechem.

Now, as far as we know, God has not visited anyone else since then, so Abram was probably about the only person on earth at that time! Still, he believed God's promise and kept going. At some point, he settled in the area around Hebron.

So, shechem is located in present-day Israel and is very near to where Abram originally came from.

Where did Abraham build his altar to Jehovah?

Abraham constructed his shrine to Jehovah against this dismal backdrop. I will give this country to your descendants. " And he erected an altar to Jehovah, who had appeared to him there." (Genesis 12:7)

Abraham built his altar in a place called Hebron. This city is located in Southern Palestine and it is today in the West Bank. At that time, all of Palestine belonged to Jordan. But Israel has been given its own country since 1948.

The site where Abraham's altar was built is now known as al-Aqsa. It is a sacred site for Jews and Muslims. The altar itself is no longer visible because it was destroyed by King Solomon when he built the temple annexes on this site. But parts of it may still be found under some of the buildings of the present mosque.

After the destruction of the temple, Jesus told his disciples that the temple was going to be rebuilt and the place where the altar now stood would be included in its construction. He said that when this happens, then sacrifice will once again be permitted and will continue indefinitely. Jesus was talking about the Holy of Holies in the temple which only the high priest could enter. But with the death of Christ, this privilege was granted to all believers.

Where did God tell Abraham to go after Terah died?

After Terah died, Abram obeyed the Lord's command to "get thee out of thy land..." So he packed up his family and went to live among the Canaanites in Sichem. The LORD appears to Abram in Genesis 12:7 to instruct him to take the land. This promise is confirmed to him in Genesis 15:18.

Abram lived in Sichem until he was 105 years old. He then decided to return home to Mambre/Methuselah where his father was buried. But before he left Canaan, he promised that one day he would return home with an army to free his people from slavery.

This story takes place many generations ago. It is not meant to be taken literally but rather as a historical account of how God led Abraham through several nations before bringing him back to the country of his ancestors.

During this time, Abraham had other sons by names that were given to him by the Lord: Nahor by Haran, Harbavah by Havvoth Jair, Jokshan by Jerahmeel, and Melchizedek by Marah. These men helped their father out in the business of being an ambassador for God during his stay in Canaan.

In conclusion, Abraham traveled through many countries but he was always looking forward to returning home to the land that the LORD had promised him.

What did God say to Abraham after Lot left?

"Lift your eyes from where you are and gaze north and south, east and west," the LORD spoke to Abram after Lot had separated from him. I will give you and your descendants all of the land you see forever.

Abram looked and saw that the land of Canaan was spread out before him. The LORD said to him, "I am God Almighty; walk before me and be clean. You are too closely related to humans to be eaten themselves. Distinguish yourself from them and take your stand in order to deliver people from corruption."

So then, just as God commanded him, Abram moved his family away from their home in Egypt and went to live in the desert where he could continue to pray to God without interference.

This is a story about love and faith. It's about two families who lived many years ago. The father in this story, named Abraham, wanted to obey God. He believed that God had promised him that one day everyone of his descendants would be given their own country. So Abraham lifted his eyes up to heaven and prayed: "O Lord GOD, why do you limit your love for us to only one country when we have seen that you can deliver people from Egypt? Please let us go and find another place where we can live in peace."

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