Who are the Separatists?

Who are the Separatists?

The Confederacy of Independent Systems, often known as the Separatist Alliance, was a group of star systems and business giants that rebelled against the Republic's clone army and Jedi Knights. The rebellion was led by Darth Sidious, who sought to restore control of the galaxy to the Sith dynasty.

Before joining together under one leadership, each system had its own government and laws they could decide what role they wanted to play with regards to the Rebellion. Some systems joined together to help the Rebels while others joined to protect themselves from being used by the Rebels.

During the course of the war, it became clear that neither the Republic nor the Confederacy could defeat the other in an outright battle. So the two sides decided to make use of their resources to their advantage. The Republic created a clone army while the Confederacy hired mercenaries to help them fight the war.

Darth Sidious used his connections with many systems to get them to join him in his rebellion. When everything seemed lost, the Jedi came to the rescue by destroying all the available cloning facilities saving millions of lives. However, this left the Republic vulnerable to attack since they couldn't produce new soldiers quickly enough. This gave the Confederacy the opportunity they needed to strike back at their enemy with a plan of their own.

What were the separatists fighting for in Star Wars?

The Clone Wars was a three-year battle conducted inside the Star Wars universe to prevent thousands of planetary systems from seceding from the Galactic Republic and becoming the "Confederacy of Independent Systems," sometimes known as "the Separatists." The war pitted the Republic against its former ally, the Empire, with each side backed by their own army of clones.

The conflict began when Count Dooku, a powerful Jedi master who had been recruited by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, contacted the Chancellor, Palpatine, and offered to help him destroy the newly formed Republic if he were given enough time. When Palpatine agreed, Dooku unleashed his armies on several planets that made up the central star system of the Republic, including Coruscant. The attack failed when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, both young apprentices of Master Yoda, confronted and defeated Dooku during a battle on Geonosis. After Dooku's defeat, Palpatine used his power over the Force to bind him up and have him sent back to his home planet of Naboo.

During the Clone War, many other battles were fought across the galaxy. Some involved only small groups of soldiers while others saw entire armies clash together. Finally, after three years of fighting, the Republic was able to push the Separatist forces out of many systems but not all.

Who are the separatists in Star Wars? The prequels?

Thousands of planets seceded and joined under the CIS flag, commanded by Count Dooku and supported by the galaxy's leading companies, seeking independence from the Republic. While only pawns of Darth Sidious, the majority of the villains met in the prequel period had sworn allegiance to the Separatists; let's take a look at who were the most heinous of the group.

Asajj Ventress was one of the most feared assassins in the galaxy for many years after her master, Durge, killed herself during the Clone War. She later joined the Separatist Alliance and became one of its most powerful generals. Her expertise with different weapons made her very useful to the cause. At some point, she even married an old friend of hers called Ponda Baba. He was a Jedi hunter that helped the Separatists get rid of their enemies.

Bail Organa, brother of Queen Leia, was another famous face in the Rebellion before joining the Separatists. He was known for his leadership skills and was often chosen as a temporary replacement for his lost sister when she was away on missions. He was also one of the few people that knew about Leia's true identity. After leaving the Alliance, he went back to his role as president of Alderaan.

Captain Typho, former commander of the Royal House Guard, joined the Separatists together with Bail Organa. His goal was to restore royal power to the galaxy and he was willing to do anything to make this happen.

Did any separatists join the rebellion?

To the best of my knowledge, no additional Separatists have been depicted as joining the Rebels in Star Wars canon. Some of the surviving Separatists were the backbone of various early Rebel Cells in Legends, although many of them were destroyed before the Rebel Alliance was created. Nope. Just the Rebels.

Are the separatists the good guys?

From attacking worlds that defied them (see Invasion of Naboo) to allying with Sith Lords like as Darth Sidious through the use of war criminals such as Grievous. Separatists were frequently decent men led by evil guys. However, the Republic was the same. Surprisingly, both camps were commanded by the same terrible individual. The difference is that while the Separatist leaders sought to destroy their enemy, the Republic's leaders tried to defeat it with decency.

Now, this isn't exactly a fair comparison since the Republic has committed atrocities too. But considering what we know about the Jedi Order, it's not hard to see how ruthless politicians could twist them into doing terrible things. After all, the Jedi are supposed to be heroes! They are used to getting their way by being virtuous so it shouldn't come as a surprise if they start acting like villains when forced to fight alongside soldiers and senators who want to kill them.

And then there's the fact that the Jedi are idealists who believe in peace. It's easy to see how they could have been swayed by politicians who promised to stop fighting each other by making war on everyone else.

In conclusion, yes, the Separatists were the good guys in Star Wars: Clone War - but only because the Republic were the bad guys.

Did any Jedi join the separatists?

In canon, the Confederacy of Independent Systems employed numerous former Jedi, the most renowned of which was Count Dooku, who legally left the Jedi Order before publicly joining and running the CIS. Other Jedi known to have served the Confederacy include Motti, an Imperial agent who was given a Force sensitivity by Yoda; Kit Fisto, who joined the Confederate army under the name "Kitano" (a reference to his home city) and became one of its top commanders; and Zezkia, who worked as a spy for the Confederacy.

In Legends, several other Jedi were said to have joined the Confederacy. These included Aayla Secura, who helped train some of Dooku's men before being killed by her former master; Nomi Sunrider, who used her skills as a Jedi Master to lead an assault on an Imperial facility but was captured and executed for her crimes; and Sora Bulq, who worked with Dooku to develop weapons using Force techniques.

Did Palpatine create the separatists?

With the Separatists in insurrection, the Republic needed an army immediately. The Separatists were established as part of Darth Sidious' long-term strategy to produce and accept a clone army for the Republic. Everything was planned to bring down the Jedi so that Sidious could take charge and declare himself Emperor. Anakin Skywalker was to be the one to destroy Luke Skywalker and take full credit for destroying the Jedi order.

Yes, Sidious did plan from the beginning to use the Clone Army as his replacement for the Jedi Order. However, this argument fails because it assumes that all the clones were created to fight on Tatooine. The Clone Wars series reveals that there are other locations used for cloning, such as the remote planet of Kamino.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that any of the clones were given orders to attack or kill civilians. In fact, most of them joined together to protect themselves from being taken over by the Force during their creation process. Only two episodes in the series mention any command given to the clones, and neither one orders them to attack humans.

Finally, it should be noted that the Separatist leaders were responsible for creating the Separatist movement. They wanted independence from the Republic because they believed they were doing what was best for Tatooine. Therefore, it can be inferred that they would have never started a war against the Republic had they not been convinced that the Jedi were going to destroy them.

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