Who decided to get rid of Gregor?

Who decided to get rid of Gregor?

Grete Grete ultimately decides they must get rid of Gregor when he reveals himself to the boarders, forcing them to claim they're going without paying rent. When Lars and Sven realize this, they go ahead with the plan to escape by boat. When Grete finds out about this, she follows them on the boat, but before she can stop them, it capsizes in a storm and everyone except for Lars and Sven dies.

Lars and Sven are washed up on an island. They think it is hell because there are many demons around, but they are soon rescued by a young girl named Annika. The two boys become friends with her and she takes care of them by hunting and cooking food. After some time, they meet another girl named Clara on the same island. She too has been saved by Annika who had found her near a village that had been destroyed by fire. Clara tells Lars and Sven that their town was attacked by demons who killed everyone except for her. She says that she will always love them even though they were never able to return her feelings.

After hearing this, Lars and Sven decide to stay on the island together with Annika and Clara. They hunt down and kill many demons with help from Annika who masters weapons very quickly.

Why does Gregory hide when his sister cleans his room?

Grete notices that Gregor likes climbing up the walls and across the ceiling, so she decides to remove the furniture from the room to provide more room for him. Gregor hides as usual, but he becomes concerned when he hears his mother's concern that she and Grete may be doing him a favor by emptying the room of his belongings. When they return the room to its original condition, Gregor realizes that his hiding place is not good enough and moves out into the hall where he can see everything.

People who hide things benefit from having a place where they can conceal objects. Hiding places should be either inaccessible or at least well-hidden if you want others not to find them. In the case of children's rooms, this usually means using camouflage to match the decor of the room with what is inside it. This allows people to empty their children's rooms without finding many surprises!

Gregory's room in this story is actually too big for one child, so he needs to have a place where he can hide his toys. If he didn't have this secret area, he would have nothing to protect. It is interesting that even though his sister wants to help him out by clearing the room, she ends up making matters worse by putting everything back in its original location.

This story tells us that it is important for children to feel safe in order to develop trust in others. Children need to know that no matter what they do or how hard they try, nobody will hurt them.

How are Greta's feelings toward Gregory changed by the end of Part 2 of the metamorphosis?

Grete's views for Gregory shift by the end of Part II. A. She is enraged with Gregor and wishes to harm him. She becomes irritated and loses tolerance with him. B. She feels pity for him.

Answer: Grete's views for Gregory shift by the end of Part II.

The metamorphosis continues to unfold as we learn more about Grete's transformation in later parts of the story. By the end of Part II, she no longer sees Gregory as a monster but instead as "another human being like herself." She feels pity for him and wants to help him.

As the story progresses, we learn that Grete is not the only one who has changed her view on humanity. The members of the bourgeoisie also start to feel sympathy for the workers. By the end of the novel, everyone has been transformed by the events of the story.

Was Greta's view on humanity before and after the metamorphosis changed?

Before the metamorphosis, she saw humans as beasts of burden who were used by society to create money.

Why has the condition of Gregor’s room and of Gregor himself changed?

Grete's room becomes increasingly dirty as she becomes bored of cleaning it. Renters eventually move in, and more household items are crammed into Gregor's room. His room's decay mirrors the decline of his family's affection for him. When Grete dies in a house fire, her body is taken to be cremated, and her husband decides that they do not need any more housework to avoid being bothered by chores. He sends his wife's body to be burned while he stays in Taiwan to work.

Gregor feels lost without Grete to take care of him. He does not try to get new owners for fear that they will also send him away. One day, when he is walking through the village, he sees the smoke from a house fire and knows that someone else is suffering like he is. He runs back home to find that his owner has returned and sent him away because she cannot stand to see him in such a state. Tears stream down her face as she tells Gregor that they must leave together because she can't bear to think of him being alone right now.

They go to a shelter where many other dogs are waiting for their owners to come pick them up. But the woman does not have enough money to pay for all these dogs, so she puts most of them out again.

Who found Gregory’s body?

The next morning, the cleaning lady discovers Greg's body. Grete notes how slender Gregor has gotten as the family gathers around the dead. The boarders are evicted from the flat by the father.

The police are called in and after examining the scene, they conclude that this was not a murder but an accident. However, since there is no evidence of any kind of struggle, Gregor must have died while he was sleeping. This information shocks the family because they believe that Gregor would never do such a thing. The father decides to search for another place to live.

When Gregor is laid to rest, he is wrapped in the same black suit used by his father. The father tells the family that they cannot stay here anymore because they are too poor. So, they will have to move out and find other accommodation.

After the funeral, the father goes to sell some belongings to raise money for the trip. While he is away, the mother takes Grete into her room and tells her that she is very unhappy with her life and wishes that she could go back in time and change things. The mother says that she believes that if Gregor were alive, everything would be fine but now that he is gone, nothing will be the same again. She adds that even though they are poor, at least they were together.

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